Heyyy Lets You Do More Than Just Meet New People!!

There is an app for almost everything these days! Be it dating, networking or just meeting new friends, it can get quite time consuming and cumbersome to go back and forth with so many apps.

To solve this very problem, there is soon going to be a new app called Heyyy hitting your play store and app store. Heyyy is going to be your one-stop app for all your networking, dating and meeting interest people needs.

Heyyy for College students to meet new people

Meet The Team That Runs The Show!

“If it’s not out there, then bring it out yourself”, this is the motto that lead brothers Julian Smida and Dorian Smida to co-found and conceptualize Heyyy.

The brothers together conducted a market study and came up with a business plan. After that, Julian started doing the initial UI design for the app. For the duo it was very important to build the right team to take on the project. By the time they managed to do this, the design and the idea had evolved drastically. Presently, the team is made up of Julian and Dorian as well as two other students who have just graduated.

Know Heyyy Better!

This app is the new social discovery app tailored for students and it’s available in 8 colors. It’s the first app to offer an all-in-one experience, from matching, getting introduced in a unique way to scheduling a meet up.

Heyyy is quite literally a great conversation starter as it has a wide variety of fun and interesting icebreakers just for you. Also, at any point in the conversation you can send a meet up request to your match. If the answer is yes, the app will automatically schedule a meeting at nearby places on a date and time convenient to you. However, everything will be suggested and can be modified.

With Heyyyy, you can also get more followers on Twitter or Instagram, more friends on Snapchat or Facebook. Simply share the accounts that you want on your profile. When someone clicks on a social media icon you shared, it will automatically open the appropriate app right on your profile.

Further, this app has many unique and interesting features that will keep the users entertained and engaged.

What Inspired It All?

It was a very long process. From day one when the initial idea came in mind to this day, it has changed and evolved countless times. The idea stemmed from the urge to offer an all-in-one experience for the users. While the other app’s policy is: “We help you get the matches, and from there it’s up to you”, Heyyyy, on the other hand, gives a helping hand all the way.

What Problems is Heyyy Solving?

This app is here to solve all the problems that are otherwise faced by users using other social networking or dating sites. With Heyyy, users no longer need to be plagued by fake profiles. The app also takes away the initial awkwardness involved in starting a conversation as it provides users with great ice-breakers. Further, there wasn’t any exclusive app for students, but with Heyyy they have one now.

Heyyy for College students to meet new people

On the Challenges Faced & Competitors

“It is a constant challenge. Problems and unexpected outcomes happen on a daily basis. The success of a startup depends essentially on the ability to deal with these and come up with efficient solutions and alternatives in a very short amount of time. The most important thing, and also the hardest, is to gather a reliable and skilled team. With a solid team around you, you’ll be stronger to face up the daily challenges”, says the team.

In terms of competition, the dating app market is really competitive with almost 20 serious competitors and hundreds of smaller ones. However, the team believes there is room for everyone. Among these dating app, Tinder is their serious competitor.

On Plans of Expansion & Target Audience

The team believes in taking things one step at a time. For them, being ambitious is good but the priority at Heyyyy is to remain focused on the users. So, they will always listen closely to the users and their feedback and do their best to always meet their needs.

When it comes down to target audience, Heyyy is a social app, made by students for students. It has been specifically tailored for this audience.

On Plans of Monetizing

“Our first goal was to connect students more efficiently. We didn’t start this project to make money, but in order to provide a service that we felt was lacking. This has been Heyyy’s philosophy all the way: offering the best and most complete user experience of the category. Some competitors make you pay to undo a swipe, at Heyyy we think this is natural, for this reason, the “shake to undo” feature is available… for free. Everything is free. To sum up, monetization will be dealt with in due time, for now, we prefer to focus 100% on user experience,” says the team.

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