The Digital Afterlife

The co-founders of Protect Their Memories, Scott Weinberg and Coleton Hanson, contemplated the digital afterlife of a deceased person.Protect Their Memories deletes the social media accounts of the deceased, on request by their families, estates, and employers.It is a new business service, so challenges faced was partly spreading marketing awareness and partly working on the structures of the business model.

Why Protect Their Memories?

Dormant social media accounts are sought by internet ‘trolls’ for identity theft purposes. “We believe that families and loved ones may simply wish to remove public information of someone close ,who has passed on”. Most people do not share their account passwords, making account deletion difficult, and possible only via proper documentation.

It prevents the identity theft of dormant social media accounts. These accounts get hacked or spoofed frequently, and when the owner is alive, that will be eventually detected. However, If the owner is deceased, by the time it’s noticed, the damage has been done.

Protect thy memories !!
Protect thy memories !!

Absolutely No Competitors for the New Idea.

It is unique in USA. The only services somewhat similar are proactive measures i.e., conducted while you are alive. These essentially involve the storing of passwords by a 3rd party. Our service is deliberately reactive, when plans for the digital assets were not made in advance. Essentially, passwords are unavailable.

Further Strategies

The idea is  definitely ahead of  time, however looking at demographics and lifespan is the next move.

The target audience 

“The target audience are premature & unfortunate passed away. We focus on age ranges of teens into their 40s’. In practical terms, we market our service to funeral directors.”

Monetizing it

Steady organic growth and excellent word of mouth from funeral directors.


Make sure you protect the memories of your loved one as they would do the same.

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