Create your own team of Game Developers at Thoril!

Are you a game developer looking for a team to work with? You can post your idea on some facebook group and if you are lucky enough, somebody will see your post and contact you. That’s not very assuring though. Therefore, instead you can go to Thoril, post your game project, write synopsis, and specify the skills that you are looking for in your team members. The users see your post and apply to join you! Also, you can get some valuable feedback for your project.

Milan, Petar and Alexander, the founders of Thoril “had to think of a business idea”and since they love games, they initially had an idea similar to Thoril. Then they thought, “wait this is great, why don’t we actually make it?!” and thus Thoril was founded. Thoril is about connecting game developers. “At Thoril, we have a matchmaking system. User has a profile where he can specify if he is a developer, designer, artist etc. When a posted project requires for example developers who use Unity engine, all developers who use Unity get notified, and if they like the project, they apply for it. User who posted the project can see applied users, see their roles, skills and portfolio, and choose who he likes.” says Milan. Thoril’s target users are game developers, artists, sound engineers, and everybody who is into making games.


Thoril doesn’t make money by connecting game makers. The founders believe “that is something that should exist and be free to use.” However, they plan to implement job board for games, help game developers get jobs in the industry and help studios get the best talent. In that field, their competitors are freelancing sites like freelancer or elance. “They have bigger communities, but we are focused only on a certain segment, and that is game development. We feel that our users will always do the job better, and that is our great advantage.”Milan tells us. Additionally, they are also in talks with certain companies that make tools for game development. They hope to “make deals with them and offer them at a cheaper price.”

Thoril is looking for an accelerator to join, but the founders are not looking for “just any kind of investment”.  They want to partner with someone who is “important in the game industry” and can connect them with “large communities and important game studios.” With around 3000 active game jobs on big freelancing sites every month, by taking a certain percentage of them, Milan is confident that Thoril can grow significantly in as early as 2016.

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