Plus23 – A modern way to create and collaborate on proposals

Sales teams and business owners now have a platform for creating online proposals thanks to Plus23 – which gives them all of the tools necessary to create professional sales proposals quickly and easily – complete with templates, videos, and images to make your proposal all the more compelling.  When the team behind Plus23 started building it, team collaboration wasn’t such a hot topic, Evernote didn’t have collaboration, and Slack did not yet exist.  But collaboration has always been a successful formula for getting more done.  Founder SengHee Tan wanted to do his part in helping sellers in small business use the web in order to serve their prospecets, and Plus23 is a complete software for proposal management – where you can compose, collaborate, add e-signatures, send documents, and have access to templates as well as much more.  Plus23 allows both sales teams and buyer teams to interact and collaborate online, as a supplement to their in-person meetings.  Features for this include online chat with photos and videos, thus making it easy for a buyer to ask questions or add comments. Buyers can also use Plus23’s e-signature facility to approve the proposal or quotation.


SengHee Tan has specialized in bringing new technologies into new markets for quite some time, having been a sales journeyman for much of his career.  Plus23 was born out of a desire to do his part in helping small businesses use the web to serve their prospects – after all, sales teams in larger corporations have the advantage of periodically having access to new software and technologies, but there has been little for smaller businesses and so Plus23 was developed to give them a tool for automation and collaboration.  This has especially been relevant in recent years, given how much more difficult selling has been in light of the global financial crisis.  Basically, the desire was to create a platform which saves time for both buyers and salespersons, since time is such a precious commodity. Tan says that the biggest competition that the platform faces is non-consumption, and sales teams continue to use older methods for sdisplaying proposals, particularly PDF files.  Plus23 is targeted towards English-speaking markets, and is based on a freemium model.  Plus23 Free does away with the team collaboration aspect, but still allows users to create proposals and utilize prospect collaboration features.

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