An app promises to organize all the information you need in one place.

A friend just pinged you the address to an event and you hasten to check Google for directions. Several furious seconds (you keep pressing the text but it simply refuses to copy) and choppy screenshots later you manage to get the address onto Google maps and locate your directions. You realize you have to Uber you way there and the same cut-copy- paste ordeal follows.

Here’s how to avoid that. 

Cubeit’s interface is built for all your apps, not just one. Cubeit intelligently learns what you would like to do with your data and shows only what you need. Save a location from Maps and you get handy buttons to navigate and call an Uber; a link from Product hunt shows the number of upvotes along with an install button. Cubeit knows what you want to do with the content and makes it actionable.


Cubeit, which went live in March 2016, is a Bangalore based startup founded by Sarthak Jain, Prathamesh Juvatkar and Nithin Gadiparthi. Cubeit was envisioned from the exasperation of switching through multiple apps to figure out where all the information was and the problem of sharing links with friends in chat and getting lost.

Cubeit’s search base spans multiple apps and throws up results based on context; ergo, you find exactly what you want, when you want it. Cubeit supports sharing all types of content – videos, files, links, images and contacts making it hassle free to talk to your friends about the things you love. Cubeit’s unique interface is its USP. Currently, the one place where you can share any type of content is chat, but unfortunately, to understand the content of the link it requires you to copy the link and switch between multiple apps: an avoidable annoyance. But, when you share a link in Cubeit, the app intelligently understands the most important information from the link and shows only what’s appropriate.

For example, if you share a hotel review from TripAdvisor, the text link will be converted into a card which shows you the ratings of the hotel up front, along with buttons to call the hotel. Content is made actionable within Cubeit with just a tap.

As of now, Cubeit’s competitors are Dropbox (file saving and sharing), Evernote (save, organize, search everything important to you), Pocket (save web links and read it later) and Slack (communicate in an organized manner) But what distinguishes Cubeit is its ability to search through multiple apps in one place and add it to your content without the need to switch multiple apps. Cubeit has essentially built its own search engine! Cubeit is also testing out a news feed feature aggregates content from apps you like and presents it in one place. Their idea is to learn from the users’ behavior and present content tailored to their interests.

Cubeit has been successful in their efforts to replicate the folder paradigm from the desktop on your mobile phone; a feat that no one has been able to accomplish between different operating systems. This makes transfer of files and data management effortless.

Cubeit helps get the best and seamless use of your smart phone.

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Cubeit’s iOS app is underway! Check out their website –

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