Let Decision Agony Help You Make Right Decisions!

iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik? Romantic dinner or movie for the first date? Ughrr… so many decisions to make! This entire process ‘of making the right choice’ surely drives me up the wall and I am sure the feeling is mutual with millions of folks out there. With so many options available, it truly is a mind boggling task to decide on the ‘best’ one.

Well to put an end to this very ordeal, there is soon going to be a kick-ass mobile app hitting your app store. Rightly named Decision Agony, this app in a very effective manner, ropes in the views of your friends and family to help you decide better.

The next time you hit a crossroad, upload photos of two or more things you are choosing between and share it on Facebook as a quick poll. Let your confidants vote for the option they love. The option with the maximum votes wins your approval!

Decision Agony

Meet The Co-Founders!

Decision Agony was conceptualized and co-founded by Maria Rimbe and Andreas Rimbe.

The duo is based in Santa Cruz CA and mainly develops iOS and Android apps. They also work with other start-ups, helping them develop their technology ideas and products. The team primarily focuses on the customer development process to make sure that whatever they build is actually something customers want. Thus a lot of testing is done by the duo during the development process.

Know Decision Agony Better!

This app helps you to make the right decision by asking your friends to vote on the option they prefer. In a few quick steps you post two pictures of the options you are trying to decide between and include some brief info about them. You then post the quick poll on Facebook for your friends to vote and comment on the option they like.

The app also allows you to follow the live result of the vote in the Decision Agony app. You can further decide on the amount of time you want your friends to be able to vote for on the poll. For instance, if you are deciding between two pairs of shoes or an outfit, maybe you just want to give your friends a few hours to vote. If you are deciding between two vacation destinations or a new car, maybe you want to give your friends a few days to vote.

For me personally, this app is a blessing in disguise. It is definitely simplifying the process for people to make a quick and hopefully a right decision.

What Inspired It All?

“I’m often in the situation where I’m left with two options to choose between and it’s hard to make that final decision between the two options. I thought it would be great if I could then quickly ask my friends for their opinion in order to make the choice. I also have some indecisive friends and a sister who I know could use an app like Decision Agony”, says Maria.

Decision Agony

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

It is a known fact that developing an app always takes a long time. It also requires a lot more effort than often perceived. Even when it came to Decision Agony that has a simple interface, the team realized that there was a lot of work involved in developing it. This to the team was their biggest challenge.

When it boils down to competition, this app is very unique in its concept and practically has no direct serious competitors. However, Facebook Questions may pose as a potential one.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

We aim to finalize and launch the iOS app in Q1 2015 and then move on to build the Android version. We also have several other app ideas which we’d like to test on potential customers and eventually build this year”, says the team.

At the moment, Decision Agony’s target audience is anyone that uses a smart phone and is a regular Facebook user. The team assumes that such users are in the age where they will make purchase decisions based on feedback from their family and friends.

Further, the team is planning on monetizing the app through advertising of products that are featured in the poll. For instance, if the poll is posted by someone trying to decide whether to buy a Fitbit or a Nike Fuel band, one of those companies should be interested in advertising their products.

To sum it all up, with Decision Agony you no longer need to ‘agonize’ yourself to make the right decision. Take a poll from your friends and family member to arrive at the perfect solution.

For more information on the app, do make it a point to visit: http://decisionagony.com

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