Tidy Your Cloud With Reflect!

If you come to think about it, the Cloud is like a messy attic. Over the years we have accumulated so much stuff and data in our online accounts that, similar to an attic, we no longer remember what’s in there and what’s not. Thus we need a tool that will help us sort this chaos and turn that big dump we call Cloud into something useful. This is important as we do not know what saved data may prove to be pivotal in the future.

To help you with this ordeal, we introduce you to Reflect. It is your tool that will help you sort even the shabbiest of Cloud.

Tidy Your Cloud With Reflect!

Meet The Man That Runs The Show!

Reflect was conceptualized and co-founded by Corstiaan Hesselink.

Corstiaan dabbled around with codes since the age of 16. After starting a web development studio during college and running a publishing company a few years after graduation, he got back to the web full-time to build useful, elegant and simple tools. Reflect is the first project of his new company Fluxmatix Ventures.

What Problem is Being Solved?

Let’s be honest, everyone’s Cloud data is messy. Also, what people do not know is how much value is hidden in their accounts and data. The sheer volume of data makes it hard to sift through and much of it gets buried under the constant inflow of new adds.

To solve this very problem, Reflect is here. It provides folks with a tool that breaks the data up into smaller chucks that are easy to digest. The application then sends this to the user on a set schedule so that the users do not have to go looking for it themselves.

What Inspired It All?

Corstiaan is an avid Amazon Kindle reader, as well as an Evernote user. He was saving all his Kindle highlights into Evernote and over time, he had over 2800 individual highlights saved in Evernote. This evidently was way too much to casually scroll through every now and again unless one knows exactly what they are looking for and thus can accurately search for it.

“I needed a tool that would throw a tiny bit of this data back at me, on a schedule that was convenient for me and that adapted to my rhythm. A tool that would help me uncovers all the hidden value in my Evernote cloud. When I did not find this I decided to build it myself. After some initial test among very early users, I decided to turn it into something decent. That’s what has resulted in Reflect”, says Corstiaan.

Tidy Your Cloud With Reflect!

On The Road Blocks Faced!

Like most startups, getting the word out about the product and gaining early traction was Corstiaan’s biggest hurdle. For him, increasing his user base is still a daily task. Apart from this he was also marred with many technical and development challenges on the way.

Future Forecast & Intended Audience!

“Currently we are working on one platform, Evernote. Our goal on the mid-term is to connect to other platforms as well and connect the same data rediscovery features to platforms like Dropbox, Box, Drive, etc. Virtually any service that lets you store stuff online could be connected to Reflect. How big Reflect could get? I really have no idea”, says Corstiaan.

At the moment, Reflect is primarily targeted at serious Evernote users who have a lot of data stored in their accounts. This group could include students, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, readers etc. Even folks who want their data circled back to them in a structured way also constitute to be Reflect’s intended audience.

The Monetizing Model!

“In a couple of months we will have a premium version available. Based on user feedback we’re looking at what feature actually constitutes a premium feature, so we have a decent offering for people who are looking to upgrade. A free version will always be available’, says Corstiaan.

To simple sum it up, with Reflect you no longer have to deal with a  messy Cloud as it is here to sort this ‘dump yard’!!

For more information and to connect your Evernote account with Relfect, do visit: www.reflectapp.io

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