Designing your own jewelry now a lot easier through Jevelo

Everyone has sweet memories and would like to keep it close to their heart. Be it the moment with your partner on a special occasion or the day you got your first pet, you would want those memories with you all the time. You can now literally wear those memories in the form of jewelry by using Jevelo. Jevelo is a website that provides features that would empower people to celebrate their life with stories they can wear.

The website provides full customization by placing the user in the design seat and allowing image-based designs.  It has a fast and easy interface and doesn’t require the user to be an expertise in designing the jewelry. The orders are made on-demand and are only produced once making them unique unless the user wants to share it on the Jevelo Market for a share of the profit when sold to others.

Jevelo 3

The website uses an image- based design, meaning it uses 3D visualization to create the design on the product from the image uploaded by the user. It is fully customizable and has a range of different frame shapes and engraving styles to choose from. Also, each design is unique since it is only meant to be produced once.

Even though companies like Alex & Ani and Pandora are popular in this segment, Jevelo stands out as it provides its users the option of customizing the product online. Its user-friendly interface also makes it easier to be used.

Fito Benitez, Reach and Engagement Manager of the Finnish- based company said that they faced huge challenges in designing the UX (read as User Experience) to make it user-friendly and the usage of 3D visualization technology to make it look more appealing.

They now plan on increasing product offering and expand the business to the North American market. They look to target lifestyle related enthusiasts who have an urge to express themselves in new ways by the personalization of their products and services.

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