Monitordroid helps you access information anytime anywhere

You can remotely access your phone from your laptop but never could you manage multiple devices from a single web page with much efficiency, well with Monitordroid you can access multiple devices at the same time from the web without using much data or draining your battery life.

With Monitordroid users can remotely send and view SMS messages, download files and photos and track location history on multiple devices along with some other features. Monitordroid functions whether the device is on a data or a WI-FI network.

Tyler Butler is the founder of this venture while Noah Lowenthal and Farzad Khosravi are the co-founders and all the three are currently seniors at Hamilton and Boston Universities. Noah and Farzad were roommates and became the best of friends during freshman year of college. Farzad and Tyler have been good friends since freshman year of high school, Farzad later introduced Noah to Tyler and they realised that they make a good team as they shared a passion for science and technology and entrepreneurship. They noticed that there is lack of quality software available that allows the users to manage and access multiple android devices at the same time. This indeed is the next best thing for all of us as it would help us keep a track of everything without much confusion. Their main goal is to offer amazing control of mobile device management which is simplified for the enterprises and individuals as well.

(c) Monitordroid
(c) Monitordroid

How did you arrive at this idea?

“There are great apps such as Mobizen and Airdroid available, but they are mostly designed only to support a single device and are always running in the background, creating an obvious icon in the device’s notification bar and running up battery and data use. Then there is software like mSpy and WebWatcher, which have expensive monthly subscriptions, are unstable, and don’t create a real time connection with the device. They don’t give the control that users want. So we set out to create Monitordroid, a dedicated commercial-grade remote access and management tool for Android. The software is also open source and capable of being used completely free of charge if you are able to set up a web server and have a little experience with Android programming.” Tyler Butler

The biggest hurdle for the three has been that there is no one to guide them nor do they have an experienced mentor who could tell them about the legal hurdles and take care of all the structuring, so it’s been quite a scary experience for them ever since they have started this venture. They have to figure out everything themselves and it’s not been an easy task to do so but somehow they have managed to overcome whatever obstacle they have come across so far.  Monitordroid is designed from the ground to be different from other remote administration software on android, it does not use sockets, SMS or XMPP to send commands to devices which all have been proven to be slow and not reliable. The software is designed to be very stable and crash-resistant, so that once it has been installed there won’t be any problems that you can encounter.

This is what one of the co-founders had to say about Monitodroid.

Noah Lowenthal: “Our unique technology and dedication to the user experience allows us to provide time saving, efficient remote device management solutions for both our personal and enterprise customers. All of our features are available for stock devices, and use very little data or battery. Setting up Monitordroid takes less than a minute – after that our customers can manage their devices from anywhere, on mobile or desktop through our intuitive web interface.”

Monitordroid is giving 50% off to anyone is willing to give a valuable feedback which would take less than five minutes. For more details on Monitordroid, visit them on

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