Time to make best friends, says startup ‘DWJBBF?’

While growing up, many people meet their friends at school or at work. As an adult, meeting a new friend becomes considerably harder. However, just because it is more difficult doesn’t mean the need to find new friendships are no longer there. ‘DWJBBF?’ is a mobile application that helps people find and develop long-lasting friendships? DWJBBF stands for Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Living in Los Angeles, it was very difficult to find people who are genuinely interested in developing a friendship versus having their own agenda and seeking perks and ways to get ahead. Chad Lehner and Vivi Nguyen figured that they had to do something about it and thus, ‘DWJBBF?’ was born.

“We wanted a way for people to meet and develop platonic friendships because they had things in common and were genuinely looking for a new best friend. Whether someone wants someone to accompany them to a Taylor Swift concert or a new mom wants a play date for her toddler, DWJBBF? makes it possible for people from all walks of life to find a new best friend.” Chad says.

Chad and his girlfriend were discussing their potential move across the country. She asked him a question that proved to be the catalyst for this idea on his mind. Over the next couple of days, he talked to several friends of his about the application that would become ‘DWJBBF?’ and soon realized that there was definitely a need for this product.

‘DWJBBF?’ as an app that promotes platonic friendship, it tries to differentiate itself from the other dating apps and Chad feels it will be a hurdle while trying to do so. Like other startups DWJBBF? faces the same issues, which are “How do we receive further funding?” and “How do we gain visibility in such a crowded space?”.

DWJBBF?  is available for all ages and makes it easier for them to find friends. It is entirely up to the users to select who they connect with based on their common interests. If you’re not a student in school or involved in an organization of some kind after hours, where do you meet people? DWJBBF? Wants to help bring people together based on their common interests, no matter what they may be.

“We believe that we have a very unique idea, and we differentiate ourselves from many of the applications that are available due to DWJBBF? Not being a dedicated dating app. Many of the products in the marketplace are focused on connecting people in a romantic setting, and that is not what we are trying to accomplish. However, due to DWJBBF? being grouped in the social media and chat category, competitors include Tinder, Facebook, Meetup and more” he explains.

Chad truly believes that DWJBBF? will be a successful application. He says that they’re solving a problem that many people face in today’s world and is very excited about the potential of helping people develop quality and life-long friendships.

Their target audiences include Young or old, male or female, single or in a relationship; ‘DWJBBF?’, applies to anyone seeking real interactions versus the social media experience that many are blinded by today.

Chad says “We have a clear and innovative vision for monetizing ‘DWJBBF?’ I’d urge any potential investors to reach out directly so I can give a detailed outline of our expansion and monetization plans.”

For more, Visit: http://dwjbbf.com/

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