Wimble Is Here To Solve The Time Problem

Time is short-lived! Yet most of us haven’t mastered the art of making proper use of it. The movie ‘In Time’ directed by Andrew Niccol well portrayed the priority of time and its crucial implications. Reel to the real life, messy time habits can adversely affect the corporate lives and close all ways in the competitive world. Success is a mirage, if managing time is not your cup of tea. Lack in time management can lead to serious hassles in life. Wimble unfolds great ways to manage the time.

It’s an app that motivates you to focus on your time management skills. It also lets you share your effective time juggling with friends. This wonder app can really solve so much!


Team it up !

The key People who lead Wimble are Jani Kaipainen-CIO , Antti Kananen-CEO , Ville Vuorma-CDO

” We had this personal problem of ours: not getting things done as they come. We struggled with this and wanted to change this bad habit of ours. Lot of research was done on different kind of time management applications and all of those were lacking at least in motivational aspects”.

The team undertakes to deal with the recurrent problem of Time management. They started coagulating people facing same issues to revolutionizing the world-wide concerns. The group rippled within no time. The members view the project as social model (helping others to manage time effectively) than a profitable disquiet.

The vision is to change how people manage their time by making it joyous and engaging.

The Incredible Idea 

Finding solution to such prolonging problem is next to impossible. After a lot of brainstorming, the founders decided to hear what people out there had to say about it. They ran crowd-funding campaigns which brought in amazing feedbacks. The solution was gamifying the time management to make it interesting.

Research and analysis was made in order to confirm the idea. List of beta testers skyrocketed. Currently there are 1000 eager beta testers to test Wimble and the list is growing rapidly. Certainly something big is on its way!


The Unique App

Wimble the potential product of Mekiwi Ltd. The time management slogan is monotonous and challenging. Wimble   brings the most wanted time management tools and add motivational aspects through gamification. Users can socialize their time management more efficiently and customize their Wimbling experience to make it unique. The user interfaces  gives the experience of gaming. It claims to be the  “Whatsapp of time management”.

To list few Wunderlist, To-Doist, Evernote etc are the alternatives choices for time management application. Positively, these applications awakes the demand  for an efficient time management tools. And best part is that the markets are still growing to fit in new application.

“Our biggest competitors focus on serving much, much, wider audience. We have found our niche and we keep our focus there”.

The Promising Features

As soon as the app is ready for beta version, the beta testers can get a look at it. Once the full version is released,  a high-definition user experience and inspiring extensions to the product will be integrated. Community will be built also around it.

The Monetization Schemes

Most of the revenue stream will be coming from theme “crafting” and advertisements that are placed smartly without provoking the users aggressively. In the future, a location-based targeted advertisements that will  be done together with the partners.

“We offer access to free beta testing and a nice big bunch of diamonds for early adopters. You get to craft your favorite themes and even have possibility of gifting them to your closest ones”.

To know more, visit: http://www.wimble.me/


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