All-in-One Business Software Is Not a Myth Anymore Thanks to DynaDo!

Businesses use many tools while going about their business. Like email, CRM, file storage, calendar, customer support, project management dashboard, and so on. All this information is spread across a glut of services making the job of CEO and managers harder than it should be. See, just as heavy metal had its “Big Four”, business activity has “Big Three” – Automation, Integration and Oversight. The more services a business uses in its operation, the harder managing these three things become.

Did someone say all-in-one? DynaDo offers all these services in one place and makes automation, integration and oversight a breeze!


About the Founders

Wojciech Sobczuk, CEO and co-founder, previously co-founded in 2004, the first social network in Poland. It was wildly popular with over 2 million users (20% of the total online population in Poland at the time). Says Wojciech, “We didn’t have the funding that Silicon Valley companies get, so we couldn’t go global like Facebook even though we started around the same time.” The service shut down a few years later.

Michal Krzemien, co-founder, previously created and – one of the biggest vendor and integrator of wireless technologies in Poland, with over $8 million annual revenue. He’s the ‘business guy’ of the team, solo handling much of the business development and is also the first investor in the startup!

About the Startup

The duo had dealt with many problems while managing both distributed and on-site teams, says Wojciech, “There are tools that solve a single problem well, but no tool combines all your business data and lets you really take control of it, oversee it, and gleam insight from it. So we decided to build one, and after many iterations and pivots we arrived at DynaDo.”

Other than the huge amount of functionality, the service also provides a full featured email client, which is a very hard thing to implement properly. Because of it, the company had issues raising money, “Very few people believed that we can pull it off. We had many changes in the design and thanks to our great team, we now have a very competent product.”

About their Plans

DynaDo faces competition from Zoho, Google Apps and Microsoft – so basically any company that has a broad business software offering, or delivers a platform which can be used by a wide array of businesses. Wojciech is confident in his product’s ability to stand out, “The ability to deploy DynaDo in your internal network, gives businesses immense data security over the available SaaS-only solutions.”

The service is starting with English, Spanish and Polish speaking countries and they plan to move to countries like India and China in the near future with global launch also in the pipeline. They are targeting businesses of all sizes.

DynaDo is offered as a paid subscription service with a per-employee monthly fee, and a free time limited trial. For in-house deployments there is also an installation fee and monthly maintenance fee.

Head over to their website for more details.




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