No More Power Blackouts With ReGenerator-X

Power has become a necessity in our daily lives. Imagine a day without it? Well it almost seems impossible right! Be it taking a hot water shower, charging your smartphone, vacuuming your house, using your laptop or accessing your Wi-Fi, everything depends on power supply. Almost all modern day appliances are practically no good without power and even a day of blackout is enough to bring our lives to a halt.

Nevertheless, Mike Langley the founder of ReGenerator-X seems to have a perfect solution to this problem.

Who is Mike Langley?

He most definitely is no ‘average Joe’! This is the man who has had the vision to change the way users view supply of power. Mike Langley owns and operates a Web Design business in New Hampshire and is also the proud mastermind of this start-up.

power ReGenerator-X

Know All About ReGenerator-X!

This start-up was conceptualized with a goal to decentralize power distribution for the average consumer. Mike plans on achieving this by giving them an easy ‘appliance’ from which they can power their homes and devices, without paying monthly fees to utility companies. The device would be around the size of a stove or dishwasher but instead of consuming energy it will provide it.

What Inspired It All?

“In December 2008, there was a brutal ice storm in my region. The damage was devastating. I was personally without power for about 2 weeks, and several people I knew were without for nearly twice as long. I realized how much I relied on my power for heat, water, food, etc. Generators were sold out all around us, you couldn’t find them anywhere.

I started kicking around my idea of this modular power box that was independent from the grid, and could provide enough power for a whole household. Not a generator, it needed to be inside, like an appliance. In the past few months after lots of research into things like solar power, various generators, and other renewable energy technologies, I found my concept”, says Mike.

The Purpose of ReGenerator-X is to…

Decentralize power with a consumer appliance. This product will also allow customers to eliminate utility bills and associated taxes, power outages, reliance on utility companies and the highly controlled and regulated power grid.

no blackout ever ReGenerator-X

On Challenges & Competitors

The project is at its nascent stage and still hasn’t been subjected to any major hurdles. However, the biggest challenge as per Mike was the guts to move forward with this unique concept and take the first few baby steps required to get this device to market.

When it boils down to their competitors, utility companies surely top the list for obvious reasons. The start-up can also face competition to a certain degree from renewable energy setups/kits and generator manufactures.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We’re still in the concept phase working on the prototype design. After the prototype is designed, built and operational, I’ll begin actively seeking funding and recruiting talented team members. The ultimate goal is to have this product as commonplace in a household as a refrigerator or television”, says Mike.

You are ReGenerator-X’s target audience if you hate paying utility bills and losing power. Citizens of third world countries where power grids are underdeveloped and rolling blackouts are a regular occurrence could also benefit from this device.

On Plans of Monetizing

Since this is a physical product, Mike plans to monetize by sourcing the parts required to build the device and pricing the finished product accordingly. He also wishes to explore the possibility of manufacturing parts, if supply chains were to become an issue.

Psst… ReGenerator-X is on a lookout for talented individuals. If you wish to be a part of Mike’s awesome project team do give him a shout-out.

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