Energysquare- A sticker-based wireless charging system that powers multiple devices simultaneously

The technology is constantly developing with each passing minute. The rate at which a newer gadget replaces its older counterpart has increased. The batteries that provide the juice to your smartphones and tablets hardly last a day with moderate usage, thereby requiring you to charge them at regular intervals. But that would mean connecting a charger to each smartphone which in turn would need a lot of charging sockets. In this age of wireless charging, the dependence on wires for charging the smartphone has reduced. But unfortunately, they are not compatible with many smartphones, particularly budget and lower mid-range smartphones and tablets. Keeping this in mind, the developers at Energysquare SAS have come up with Energysquare, a device that not only provides wireless charging but is also compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets.

Energysquare is a wireless charger that powers up your smartphone by just placing it on the ultra-thin pad. This charging pad is made up of conductive squares inlaid into an insulating material. What’s more, you can place multiple devices on the pad and get them charged simultaneously without the need for you to wait for one device to get completely charged. The user simply has to attach a sticker to their smartphone and then place it on top of the pad. The sticker consists of two conductive dots that directly connect to the battery. All you need to do is to place the two dots on any of the two squares of the pad and the device starts to charge instantaneously. The company claims they use patented conduction charging technology that powers all the devices simultaneously at equal speeds unlike the conventional induction charging which could cause loss of energy.

Energysquare 2

The device is extremely user-friendly and is safe to use. Its smart detection system ensures that only the devices equipped with the stickers get charged. So, this feature lets you place anything on top of its pad without causing any harm, including your hands. It is also water resistant, meaning if you accidentally spill your glass of water on top of it, there is no risk of getting an electric shock.

Daniel Lollo, co-founder of Energysquare says that the idea to start this project came during their time in engineering school when they found the charging of multiple devices to be very tedious. “We realized that our phones spend a lot of time simply resting on flat surfaces. That is why we decided to make charging multiple devices automatic, so users even forget it’s happening, and always stay charged, wherever, whenever.”, he said.

The company is currently working on integrating the technology directly into furniture. They look towards establishing their presence in public areas such as hotels and metros where people will have an urgent need to get their devices charged. They also like to expand their availability by selling their products to both online and offline dealers.

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