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We live in beautiful cities that are bursting with culture, celebrations and activities. There is something exciting happening practically every day. From theater to festivals, there are things for everyone to enjoy. However, unfortunately most of the times we miss out on great events, activities and gigs in the city just because we were unaware of it.

Luckily, to address this very same problem, there is a new web app in town called EventMy. It is a personalized events aggregation calendar. In other words, EventMy takes events from different sources and pools them together for users to discover, track, and share with others. This app is a free platform for you to share and discover events near you based on your interests.

EventMy Events & Activities

Meet the Man Behind it All!

EventMy was founded and conceptualized by Bjorn Linder. He is originally from Mankato, MN. He is a man of various interests that include rock climbing, dancing, traveling and strategic board games. Professionally, he is a Ruby on Rails developer with a background in business and web design.

Know EventMy Up Close & Personal!

EventMy is a personalized events aggregation calendar. In other words, this app takes events from different sources and pools them together for users to discover, track, and share with others. The whole idea behind this app is to provide the best event discovery experience possible.

Other events aggregators cater to event promotion and selling tickets. Contrary to this, EventMy is essentially event discovery meets Google Calendar. Also, Bjorn, through this app wanted to connect with users on a more personal level.

Where Did It All Begin?

“I tend to be fairly involved in community events and enjoy finding and sharing activities with others. A couple of years ago I created Mankato Hub, a social media based resource for Mankato events. When I was first looking at learning programming, building an application for community events was top on my list of potential projects. I then developed an early version of the platform while attending Launch Academy in Boston”, says Bjorn.


On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Be it technical, design or marketing, every single thing in a start-up is a challenge somewhere. However, the biggest hurdle faced by Bjorn was delivering the right message to the right people.

In terms of competition, Eventful and SpinGo are the closest competitors in the events aggregation space. EventBrite is noteworthy as they are in the same space but allow other applications access to their events API – both Eventful and SpinGo have partnered with EventBrite via API and EventMy will likely do so as well.

On Target Audience, Expansion Plans & More

EventMy is meant for users that love to attend many events and share many kinds of activities. For such individuals this app helps them find, track, and promote events.

“It’s important to differentiate EventMy from competitors with our own focus and set of unique features. Some core areas I’m working on include adding event sources, Google Calendar integration, and calendar customization. Currently I am curating events for the Mankato community; expanding geographically will require populating events from other sources”, says Bjorn.

As far as monetizing the app goes, EventMy will offer different event management and promotion features to event organizers. Some features will be developed in-house and some will be available through partners. In time EventMy will also have promoted content on the site.

To sum it all up, with this app you will never have to fear about missing a fun or important event or activity in your life.

For more information on EventMy, do make it a point to visit: www.eventmy.com

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