Revamp Your Business Profile With Xtensio!

It is time to move past Prezi, tedious PowerPoint presentations and other such mundane tools. There is a new app in town called Xtensio that is on a quest to revamp the way companies prepare their folio. With the help of this app, cook up that awesomeness oozing business profile that is sure to impress your stakeholders, investors and customers.


Meet The Geniuses Behind Xtensio!

Xtensio is the proud start-up of Alper Cakir and Asli Sonceley.

“We are Fake Crow; A Startup Friendly Creative Agency in Los Angeles ( and Xtensio is our first product. We are a boutique team of UX/UI designers/developers working in the trenches with innovative startups”, says the duo.

Know a Little More About the App!

Xtensio is the quickest DIY data visualization tool for startups to create a business or project “folio”. It’s easy, live, adaptive and engaging. You can use your folio for investor relations, crowd-funding campaigns as well as for internal use.

This app is here to practically replace existing solutions that are stale, dull, expensive or too generic. The team is aiming to help entrepreneurs make their case with ease while empowering them with the tools they will need.

What Inspired It All?

“Looking at the repeating requests we get at our design studio, we realized that there is a need for a simple, flexible and quick visualization tool for startups in order to present their ideas, execution and goals”, says the team.


On Challenges Faced & Competitors

The team is bootstrapping at this early stage. Thus using their personal resources in the most efficient way possible has been their biggest and ongoing challenge.

In terms of competition, there are many generic tools or expensive custom solutions out there that can pose as potential competitors. However, they are neither specific nor cost effective for startups. Also these become out dated very quickly as the output is static.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We are starting our closed beta in a week or two. We have very good feedback and a good number of early signups. We’d like to get the most input from our early users and steer accordingly”, says the team.

Further, the team also plans on continuously building the product and on testing and iterating it. They also aim to setup partnerships and integrations with related products and startups.

When it comes down to target audience, Xtensio is mainly for founders, entrepreneurs and team leaders.

The app will be launching with a free model. Presently, the team plans on monetizing the app by following freemium model, in app purchases, integrations and affiliate programs.

In short, you will soon be able to get rid of all the boring ways of presenting your company to investors, stakeholders and customers. This app gives you the perfect opportunity to create a lasting impression that they will never forget.

To know more about the Xtensio, do visit:

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