Crowdsite – The perfect paradise for a freelancer

Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work or funding, usually online from a crowd of people. Crowdsite is one such platform which brings together freelancers from across the world to get your projects done. The idea is to take work and outsource it a crowd of people who are very skilled at getting the required task done.

Roel Masselink along with his brother started developing software’s for companies ever since 2006 and in 2014 both decided to go their separate ways and have split their businesses now. Roel later went on to start which is the Dutch version of Crowdsite and as of now has a team of six, two support, two developers, one designer and himself the founder of this venture.

Crowdsite has one simple mission which is matching the best businesses with the most relevant freelancer. They have a unique model which lets you find a freelancer in just 140 characters and all this is possible with the help of # ( hashtags) such as their skills, reviews ,portfolio, engagement and location to show you the best match.

(c) Crowdsite
(c) Crowdsite

How did you arrive at this idea?

“We’ve got our Design Contest model running, but a lot of designers / companies were asking about other services. We’ve investigated the mainstream business models for freelancers but they were too complex and not appropriate. So taking all of this into consideration I decided that the best solution would be to have all the freelancers available in a single platform for all kinds of needs and that’s why I came up with the idea of Crowdsite which is the revamped English version of the original Dutch website.” – Roel Masselink

For Roel at first he never had much hurdles as he started alone and there was not much responsibilities for him to take care of all the time so it wasn’t hard because he had nothing to lose at that point of time. But after a while once the website got some tracking, he needed staff to take care of certain things and that for him was the biggest responsibility of a start-up as there was more pressure than that of the initial stages. Crowdsite is the fastest way to get in touch with a freelancer thanks to the unique algorithm that their website has.

There are two main competitors for Crowdsite, which are Freelancer and Upwork. Freelancer is all about finding the cheapest freelancer while Upwork’s main model is to find freelancers based on hourly basis. This doesn’t bother Crowdsite much as they give more importance to the quality of the freelancers, price is very much secondary.

“Our dedicated team of professionals are working hard to bring you the best user experience possible. This is what we love and we will make sure it gets a little better every day!” – Roel Masselink

Crowdsite plans to become the leader in online freelancing services and in the next few months they will roll out their mobile version and partner program strategies as well. The target audience is basically the small businesses and freelancers across the world.

Use the following code f6spro to avail the offer which will give you $59 – promotion package free if you start a design contest.

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