eVisit Takes Care of Your Health Over the Internet

Our health affects us in more ways than we can imagine and we take it for granted. It is the first thing we compromise when we are in a bind and our understanding of its upkeep is filled with myths and plain uninformed “facts” like, carbs are evil or more than 3 eggs will kill you or jogging will get you six pack abs!

Saving us from ourselves, are society’s most precious commodities – thank god for Doctors! But they are overstretched and our hospitals are undermanned. eVisit is leveraging internet technologies to solve this mismatch of demand & supply by providing telehealth software that enables patients to connect with their own doctor by webcam and receive treatment.


About the Team

eVisit has a highly skilled set of hands working on it to ensure reliability and maximum regulatory compatibility. Bret A. Larson, CEO and founder, has been the marketing mastermind behind copmanies like Tallwave, StatDoctors and his other venture GourmetOrchards, and produced steller revenue figures.

Glen McCracken, MD and co-founder, has led one of the most profitable Emergency Rsesponse groups in the US and is the recipient of several Top Doctor awards.

Miles Romney is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of eVisit. His many innovations in various fields got him featured in the Wall Street Journal and twice earned him a United States Army commendation for outstanding research. He built the first clinic management suite for wireless devices, a HIPAA-compliant data management, co-invented DigiClay Animation, Cryptocast streaming encryption and a wide variety of other advanced technologies.

About the Startup

Bret and Glen met while working for another telemedicine company. They noticed that most such companies, including their competitions, were connecting patients with doctors with whom there was no pre-existing relationship. Coupled with lack of access to healthcare, this lack of comfort with a medical practitioner leads to less than optimal treatment. “Medicines and surgeries are just one of the facet of getting better. Our service makes the Doctor-Patient relationship deeper as well as feasible”, says Bret.

eVisit is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant telehealth software that enables patients to receive treatment and even a prescription sent to their pharmacy electronically (they are networked with over 66,000 pharmacies nationwide). It allows providers (doctors, nurses, physicians assistants) to increase patient flow and revenue, while providing convenience to their patients with online treatment.

“Our goal is to create the tipping point in telemedicine. If you look at the finance industry, 10 years ago, 95% of the population wouldn’t touch a computer with their financial information and now people rarely go into a branch. We wanted to create an analogous experience in healthcare.”

Patients are opening up to the idea of treatment through a 2-way video if it means they will be tended to by a familiar doctor. The eVisit team also surveyed the doctors – who were already doing over-the-phone diagnosis – and when asked if they would treat patients remotely with with more efficiency, the answer was a resounding yes. “We knew we were on to something and began to build the software platform that would allow physicians to increase patient flow and monetize those treatments for increased revenue.”

Today eVisit have over 250 practitioners signed up for closed beta.

About their Plans

eVisit is targeting primary care providers and orthopedic surgeons in the US. They plan to be the leader in telehealth software for SMB healthcare practices and to evolve into a patient engagement platform to serve providers and patients with better more cost effective access to healthcare.

The pricing plan for healthcare providers utilizing eVisit’s telemedicine solution is $99 per month per user. They have more details on their website.


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