Start A Visual Conversation With Fototwics!

Sharing photos just for fun is losing its sheen. But what if we could share photos of a moment in real-time? What if we could tell a beautiful story through it in quick succession? What if we could start a visual conversation with thousands of people out there?

Well to get rid of these ‘What ifs’, there is a new app in town called Fototwics. It is a real-time micro blogging platform for photos that lets you share your visual story with the world. With this app you can now discover, capture, and share life’s moments as they happen, in a fun and easy way.

In short, whether you want to view stunning images of world-changing events or intimate records of life’s beautiful moments, with Fototwics you can see the world through others’ eyes.

Start A Visual Conversation With Fototwics!

Meet The Co-founders!

Ideated and co-founded by Shiv Kapoor, Nikola Stojanovic and Jesus Lugo, Fototwics is here to revolutionize the way we share photos.

Shiv Kapoor is the 22 year old young visionary and the driving force behind Fototwics. He started working on his first HTML and PHP based websites at the age of 14 and quickly found himself leaning towards today’s high-end technology. Before founding Fototwics, Shiv co-founded, a meta-search engine and, a digital lifestyle magazine.

Nikola Stojanovic has over 4 years of experience in graphic design, with a focus on technology and social media. He is a former visual designer at iNexxus, a leading digital branding and marketing agency in Serbia. Nikola believes in making the world a more beautiful place through his design work; one pixel at a time.

Jesus Lugo is a software engineering “geek” with over 10 years of web development experience. He spends his whole day, practically every day, experimenting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; dabbling with PHP. He loves to build web and mobile platforms that delight and create value.

Together, they surely make an impressive team that as all the right skills and experiences to take Fototwics to new heights.

Know The App Better!

Fototwics is a real-time location based micro-blogging platform for photos. It allows users to discover, capture and, share world events and life’s beautiful moments as they happen to a wide range of audience, in a fun and easy way.

Do not be fooled into thinking that Fototwics is similar to the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and hundreds of other photo sharing apps in the market. These apps mainly focus on the core elements of beautifying, photo-sharing and limiting the reach of pictures. But the truth is there is a greater need for a photo-sharing platform that gives photos the attention and the reach they truly deserve.

Fototwics is built to provide a platform for pictures to not only reach a wider audience but to also tell a story, a complete visual story that is focused on real-time geo-tagging with the necessary tool to spread it with the re-sharing feature that the team calls “Retwic”. The core mission is to make stories out of photos and give power to the people, and let them pick and choose what picture should go viral.

The Inspiration!

“I looked at the photo sharing feature within Twitter and said to myself that they are not looking so great. Photo-sharing is just a small part of their core product which they have just recently begun to focus on, believably because they know photo-sharing is the future of communication. I figured out their weakness and used a better way to go ahead and refine that by creating a better product out of it. A location based real-time micro blogging platform dedicated to photos”, says Shiv.

Start A Visual Conversation With Fototwics!

On Road Blocks & Contenders!

The team, like most startups, has faced numerous hurdles on their way. However, the one they still seem to face is marketing their product and getting the word out. The team is no marketing pro. As a result, it is been hard on them to find the best way to explain why people need Fototwics and how the app can help people reach a much wider audience for their photos.

In terms of competition, the team views Twitter as their main contender. This is because; it is the only platform that gives users the ability to re-share photos. Nevertheless, Fototwics key advantage is that photo-sharing is not 100% of their core focus.

On The Journey Ahead!

The team want to see Fototwics evolve into the go-to platform for people to share pictures that are meant to be seen by the world and not only limited to just a closed circle of followers.

“We are in the process of integrating a crucial feature within the next three months that will set Fototwics apart from other photo-sharing platforms. We are working on creating technology to let users take 10sec videos through the Fototwics app and instantly transform those videos into GIF images”, says the team.

Intended Users & Monetizing Model!

At the moment, the app is mainly targeted at everyone that has access to an iPhone, iPad or just a computer. Further, when it comes to monetizing, Fototwics is focusing on creating value rather than revenue. Currently, their prime focus is to attract and increase their user base and provide a better user experience to their users without the annoyance of ads.

“At Fototwics, we believe that money is just a by-product of value, as long as the focus is creating high-value, money will always follow”, adds Shiv.

To sum it all perfectly, with Fototwics photo-sharing is never going to be the same again!!

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