Freeddo Says Lets Meet Over Coffee!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this is a call for those ‘single ready to mingle’ to meet interesting people through blind dates. Blind dates are special, it makes you feel accompanied. Those cheesy moments can sweep you off your feet and create flutter in the stomach. However, romantic or casual, meeting new people is always exciting. With Freedo, arrange it all!


What is Freedo?

Freedo is from the word ‘freedom’. Freeddo is a real experience app which connects people and helps them to know each other better, before they meet up for coffee. It is an optimistic service that takes the instant message networking to the next level, the face-to-face meet-ups. Freeddo lets people chat, arrange and meet other people, friends or family and have a coffee.

A cup of coffee with friend or a stranger is a true experience, unlike the virtual dating. It gives the experience you will always remember and this is how Freeddo want the world to be.

Meet the Visionaries!

George Margaritis and Konstantinos Zigourakis are the co-founders of Freedoo. George has over 10 years of experience in technology and designing projects. His modest vision is to make the world a happier place. “I strongly believe that the people need companion (any kind) to stay alive and fill their souls”.

George and Konstantinos are compassionate about Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat or Suse). They both share the dream of making something great for the rest of the world.

George read about depression and how coffee and upbeat company can revive people. He has experiences with autism and people with social interaction & communication disorder.

The App that brings in Happiness

The conventional dating sites or apps include lots of information, images to match people but not in-person meetings are arranged. Relationship is enriched naturally. Freeddo help to engange people to meet and have a coffee, chat before, locate other users on the map and have real experiences


Dating sites like Swarm, Tinder, CoffeeMeetsBagel and Match are the alternatives of Freedo.

It helps all kind of coffee businesses to effectively find their dynamic audience using one simple to use mobile application.

It is a paid subscription app! A Freeddo user could be someone who wants to find a friend and have a coffee or anyone willing to meet new people. What connects users with companies is that when a Freeddo users, invites a friends or want to have a blind date, the purpose is to find a place to have a coffee right now!

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