Numa Bangalore’s Accelerator program is calling for applications, Here’s what you need to know

COBALT BLR coworking space at Church Street has now partnered with Numa, a Paris based Tech Hub / Accelerator.

Numa Paris initially started as Silicon Sentier, was a non-profit for 15 years, till it started the accelerator program while raising funds from premier companies like Google, BNP Paribas and Orange telecom (France).

Their first Co-working space started in 2006 and their first accelerator program in 2011. Numa gathers entrepreneurs to form a community, and helps them find the right resources associated with their industry. startups interact with Serial entrepreneurs, mentors, lawyers, accountants and investors who are willing to share some time to help nurture startups. Numa paris organizes 1500 events per year bringing 80,000 people per year. In Paris, they receive around 700 applications and the startups go through a strict selection process. Around half the clients of NUMA’s digital transformation and open innovation programs are CAC40 companies, and 85% of the startups accelerated since the start of NUMA’s new acceleration program in 2011 are thriving.

Targeted towards early stage startups, entrepreneurs can now leverage NUMA Bengaluru’s extensive knowledge, resources, office space and facilities.


So what would Qualify your startup?

Numa accepts startups across all industries like Internet, music, hardware, Fashion, agriculture, banking or food. They are keen on taking in startups that are scalable, have a broad International vision and a strong complimentary team. “Ideally the product should have a lot of scope to improve. Most importantly, we look out for a founder who is open-minded and open to customer’s feedback”, says Aviva Markowicz, Director [International strategy] at Numa.

The selection panel consists of serial entrepreneurs, investors, experts from different industries in the jury. Once accepted in the accelerator program, startups can use Numa Bengaluru’s space for 6 months, they get access to Mentors, legal support, startup perks, US tour, connection to International network of Numa accelerators, Corporates and international events. Numa takes 7 % of the equity, in exchange of its services and a grant of up to 15k€.

“85% of our startups are still active, and valued at around $140 million €uros.”, Aviva adds.

So far, 150 applicants have signed up for the accelerator program, Numa expects around 300+ applications by September 7th (deadline). The program starts in November.

Some of the startups that have grown out of Numa are MesaGraph, which was acquired by Twitter. DocTrackr, acquired by IntraLinks for $10 million. Lima a hardware startup and Bankin’, an app which helps manage and keep track of bank accounts are part of their portfolio.

Numa’s Expansion plan

In Paris, Numa houses startups from different countries and not just from France. They look forward to working with startups in Bengaluru, India.

“We aim to create a bridge across accelerators in different countries, when a startup wants to expand to a different market, it should have the resources to do that. We help them with that.” added Aviva.

Numa Bengaluru is the second accelerator out of the 15, planned in the coming years. They are raising funds to invest in startups.

If you’re interested in applying, Apply here soon. on or before Sept. 7, 2015.

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