Glance Clock is the smartest clock you would need

Wall clocks are usually meant to tell you the time or be a piece of unique art on your walls. But with Glance Clock there’s more interesting aspects to a wall clock. Glance Clock is a minimalist time piece which not only displays time but also displays information from all your wearables, smart home devices, third party applications and many more.

Glance Tech Pte Ltd is the company behind this amazing piece of innovation and the founder and CEO of the company Anton Zriashchev came up with this idea after being inspired by the book Enchanted Objects by David Rose. Glance Clock is based out in Singapore and their crowd funding began in the month of September 2016. Smart phones have existed for the past so many years and the time has come for smart clocks on your walls. With Glance Clock you get to organize your busy days which would thus allow you to focus on what’s important.


According to Anton Zriashchev, “Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that talks to the cloud and displays information from fitness trackers, smart home devices, and web services right at the moment user needs it. Sitting on an office wall Glance Clock will show a breakdown of a day through integration with Google calendar. At home, it alerts an important incoming call or notifies when your UBER has arrived.”

Glance Clock as such has no direct competition but there are other companies which have come up with an idea such as to move information from a phone to another physical object. Lametric and DOTTI are the two products who are based on a similar idea such as the Glance Clock, however Glance Clock is much more advanced than the two and have much more in depth options.

Glance Clock’s objective was to bring more value to an already existing object such as a wall clock. The biggest challenge while developing the Glance Clock was the glanceable interface that had to done. Glanceable means that you can read and understand information quickly at a glance without being disrupted from current tasks. The most popular use case is a calendar integration to display meetings and appointments. Next the weather integration followed by reminders and fitness data after that.

The pre-order price will be $149 and for those who are in constant touch with the company and have been giving regular feedbacks, the price for them would be $99.

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