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Go Get Me It is an upcoming website founded Akhlaq Choudhury and Martin Griffiths which connects consumers with trusted tradesmen. In an interview with Startup dope, Akhlaq Choudhury, the founder tells us all about his latest venture, Go Get Me It.


  • Startup Dope : Tell us about yourself and your team.
  • AkhlaqChoudhury : Hi my names isAkhlaq, people can never spell or say my name. I am a workaholic and spend every minute of free time looking into what could be the next big thing. Sometimes it starts to annoy people when I go on and on about what’s the next idea. I studied computer science andLJMU and didn’t want to leave I ended up staying there for let’s say a very long time, similar to Van Wilder without the failure. I’ve worked at some really large and boring well-known companies where innovation does not exist. So the only time I get to do something creative is when I’m at theGogetmeit office.My team is a close-knit group of friends each with a different skill set and personality which makes us a great team. We all work together and support each others projects which has helped us reach our current goals.


  • SD : What is your startup about?
  • AC : Our startup connects trusted tradesmen to consumers
    GGMI is a free to post job solution, which connects people with qualified and trusted tradesmen.The service allows you to quickly post a job and then select a qualified trusted tradesmen to complete the work at a time that suits you with confidence of knowing that the work will be completed to a high standard.

    The product is clever enough to provide availability for the specific trades ensuring you can pick and choose when the tradesmen comes out to carry out the job on your property. You can then leave feedback for the trusted tradesmen once you are happy that the work is complete.


  • SD : How did you arrive at this idea?
  • AC : So, the initial idea came about in 2005 as part of a university project. We were looking at how the web was evolving and we thought of providing a private members club that would work together to help each other obtain anything they wanted. As we started to develop the idea we noticed that the web wasn’t quite ready for this, people were just starting to get used to using mobile devices and we couldn’t afford to have a call center. Hence, we started to change the concept and look at a demand based product. Then in 2011, we noticed a niche in the market, there was a demand for freelancers to complete work offshore, we also noticed tech was moving faster than ever. Gogetmeit was finally born. We realized the concept had to change. Using the freelance model but for tradesmen and other types of tasks could work really well. We added a slight twist that you could book a tradesmen on the site and guarantee that someone trusted would come to visit you at the time most convenient to you. All you had to do was post your job. We could provide availability like no other site could do. Bingo! we had our startup.


  • SD : What is the problem you are solving n=and why is your solution beautiful?
  • AC : This is the million dollar question that everyone seems to be asking us. My opinion is that we are creating jobs and empowering people to have the ability to control more of their daily lives. We are allowing people to have the flexibility to select tradesmen to complete their jobs at a time that suits them. It’s like an experience enhancing service that we are providing.


  • SD : Who do you think are your biggest competitors
  • AC : Competition? What’s that? I’d like to say we don’t have any competition as of yet because we are the first in the market with our product, but the likes of yell, rated people and trusted trader are our competition. But times change. So, who knows? They may end up becoming a wider part of the Gogetmeit network.


  • SD : What are your expansion plans?
  • AC : Our expansion plans are national and then if all goes well, it might become global. What we would like to do is, have a steady controlled growth so that we can manage our customers’ expectations.We want to empower the world at some stage.


  • SD : Who are your target audience?
  • AC : Our target audience are home owners, landlords and anyone who wants some work in the northwest. However, as we increase the available services, the targeted locations will also increase. We want to look at going national and then onto international.


  • SD : How are you planning to monetize it?
  • AC : We haven’t quite got to this part but our revenue will be generated from a variety of places, subscriptions from tradesmen and product reviews. However, for the time being, we don’t really want to share the full secrets. 🙂


But if you’re interested to know more, please do visit –

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