Experience the physical store through your eyes by using GoInStore

Technology is ever advancing in today’s world and there does not seem to be an end to it. Virtual Reality is slowly taking over the lives of many people, it is available in so many different sectors and one can now eve use a virtual reality device in their homes. GoInStore is a technology product that deals with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Drone Technology and also 360 imaging and it is as unique as it could possibly be.  GoInStore was founded by André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana, the business was started in July 2014 and the product however was launched in August 2015.

According to André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana, GoInStore is an award-winning pioneer of a first-person, “in-store” shopping experience for online customers. Visitors to retail websites can now video-call the store via a one-way live video/two-way live audio stream and chat with a knowledgeable in-store salesperson, who are equipped with smart glasses and able to guide the customer in “first person” viewpoint through the store and explore products. GoInStore helps retailers to maximise sales conversions, brand engagement and customer service.

The main idea behind this product was to introduce a real human being with real product knowledge into the online channel to really engage with website customers. Upon realising the limitations of Google Glass, GoInStore chose to partner with Epson, the world’s largest supplier of printers and imaging products, which had recently developed a less hyped but far more effective set of headwear/glasses as part of a diversification drive to combat falling demand for devices that print receipts. GoInStore also has an unique algorithm which helps the buyer to find the product that they are looking for and also let tell them if the store has the product in stock or not and if the product is not in stock then the GoInStore option disappears.

(c) GoInStore
(c) GoInStore

André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana tell us that their USP is in utilising the physical store infrastructure that their clients have as well as their already well-trained sales people. GoInStore on the outset has charged every single customer or client which is found to be rather unusual when it comes to a disruptive start-up.  GoInStore is funded and they work on a SaaS-based model which is a one-off set-up fee combined with a fixed monthly fee, based on the number of users the client has. Users here refer to the amount of staff that can be logged in and available to receive a GoInStore call at any one time.

To know more about GoInStore, visit http://www.goinstore.com/


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