Gooroo Uprises Your Tech Career!

As tech grads, it is daunting to find the most fit job that can match up to our competency. Most of us left the college without a job and started searching into perpetuity. The job portals just let you post the profile and linger around the Zilch. Finally, the stalking ends. Gooroo is here to flaunt your talents to the spot on your dream job.

It is a talent marketplace that helps the world’s technology professionals to manage their career, get recognised and find the best jobs. It’s also the podium for the organisations to accurately and confidently match themselves to the tech talent they require.


Meet the Humdinger!

Greg Muller, the Founder and Executive Chairman at Gooroo is also an investor. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit with a knack for seeing opportunity in common (business) problems. Greg has featured many start-ups and conducted significant enterprises.

“As a CEO, I /prefer situations where I am the one driving the change – leading an exciting period of transformation.”

The idea of integrating a platform that upgrades the traditional recruitment processes, which are tiresome, expensive and mostly hit and miss was tinkered after interacting with peers around the world. It seemed like everyone was sailing in the same boat to find jobs.

The Career Navigator

Building personal brands and managing a career is not the virtue of a techie who focus on their ‘hard skills’ rather than ‘soft skills’. They desperately want to be a part of interesting projects but finding one is not easy.

Gooroo understands geeks. It is a committed platform that enriches with significant information and resources to find better opportunities.

Millions of tech jobs are puffed each year. It is a crowded and byzantine process to handle. For organisation, Gooroo vividly simplifies the process of finding the right talent for them. The Gooroo engine enables to match with specific and available individual to their role and company, in seconds.


The ability to negotiate with candidates in minutes will be a game changer. “Technically, we’re leveraging the power of data science to a build a globally unique, verifiable and highly accurate talent-company-role matching algorithm for the tech industry.”
Fitting into the Market

Gooroo contends with the organisations that aggregates information about technology talent and helps in finding jobs. However, they offer only a two-dimensional, ‘post and pray’, experience while Gooroo assures to drive you until you attain the finish of your goal.

The service will be available on Australian, US and UK markets. However, this is a global platform so most of the line of sight expansion strategies will be to launch into new geographies.

The revenue streams include employer subscriptions, job ad placement, training, sponsorship opportunities, and targeted marketing services (advertising).

The platform will cater to the university students’ as well as highly experienced and recognised tech professionals. Employers and recruiters from all around the world will be a core user of platform; however, the focus lie on talent acquisition and building tools that will transform pupil’s career and lives.

Readers to avail a free membership, sign-up now! To know more, check out the website :


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