YesData delivers business leads

Adam Dunhill has worked with business data and software development throughout his whole business career. Lead and marketing automation have been the driving force behind the success of the Hugo Dunhill Mailing List which he owned and operated for 26 years, and more recently Salestech LLC where he was president. He built the finest business databases and then seamlessly delivered the data and leads to customers. In his words – “today marketing and lead automation are an integral part of an organization’s sales success. We have a world class business database that delivers leads right into the # 1 CRM software More that 5 million companies with 17 million contacts, email addresses and full company profiles that can be targeted right in Salesforce. YesData is the product that will revolutionize prospecting and lead generation.”  And so it’s YesData’s mission to deliver high quality business leads and clean customer data. Adam has always built business databases as a profession and wanted to marry the data to a seamless integrated app such as Salesforce.


YesData has been held back only by limited human resources and the fear of failure. The problem that they are solvinb is bad data and their solution is beautiful because they are not only building a great database, but are also  delivering it seamlessly in Salesforce as well as in a standalone app. Competitors include, ZoomInfo, and Salesgenie – as they sell business leads and use technology to deliver their product. And they are also subscription based like YesData.  The product is done, marketing is in full swing, but YesData still needs to hire salespeople to sell and the product and never stop improving it. YesData’s limitations are in the tens of millions in the short term, and in the long term they want their data to be the backbone of the B2B sales and marketing community. YesData offers 350 free business leads to any new prospects, so that they can test their data before they buy it.

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