Caboh Makes Teamwork Fun!

Effective communication even now appears to be a challenge in many companies and organizations. Even with mail and chat services, there still seems to be a loophole that is continuously posing as a barrier to high productivity.

Well to fill in just this gap there is a new software called Caboh in town. It offers your employees and you the most enjoyable way to work. Everything one needs to be productive, is available on Caboh. With it you can accomplish more throughout the day as it simplifies the task sharing process within teams.

Caboh Makes Teamwork Fun!

Meet The Power Team Behind It All!

Caboh was conceptualized and co-founded by Tyler Pugh, Brain Traudt, Alicia Barron and Haley Campbell.

The team started working together at the beginning of last year and launched their product within a few months. For them it’s been a wild ride with a whole lot of experience gained.

Know The Caboh Better!

Caboh is about giving teams a more enjoyable way to work together. It is a place where teams can have conversations, organize tasks, find information, and easily stay in the loop.

It is an effective tool that lets everyone increase their productivity, creates transparency and engages employees. With this software you no longer have to stay in the dark about the actually status of work or waste time in repeating the work that has already been completed.

In simple words, Caboh is here to improve team communication thus making it easier to get work done. Its clean and uniform design makes it super easy to navigate. This to us is quite commendable.

The Driving Force!

“The four of us on the Caboh team struggled to keep everyone on the same page because we were hardly ever in the same office. We figured, if we were having this problem, there had to be other teams out there with the same issue. So, we decided to create Caboh in order to help teams like us communicate more efficiently”, says the team.

Caboh Makes Teamwork Fun!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

According to the team, their biggest challenge was developing their MVP within the timeline given to them with just one software developer.

In terms of competition, their competitors are in the social collaboration software space, which is pretty crowded. However, unlike their competitors, this startup is highly focused on the user, so each person can have their own, unique experience with their product.

On Target Audience, Expansion Plans & More

Presently, Caboh is mainly targeted towards an audience that includes companies, organization and virtual workforce who are either work-from-home professionals or teams that work across multiple offices.

“Because of the size of our target market, we expect to grow exponentially. Also, we are implementing a partnership program with many promising opportunities already in the works”, says the team.

Well to sum it up perfectly, if you are someone who wishes to significantly increase productivity at your office, then Caboh is the software.

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