elevio simplifies Help and FAQ pages of Your Website

It starts with an idea and grows into a product. But a product without proper support is like having a nuclear powered jetpack without an instruction manual! Support is costly, and you often have only one chance with users. If they can’t figure something out on their own, the chances of them leaving and never returning are high. Even if you have a FAQ page, users still need to find it and by then, they’d have lost their focus.

elevio makes crucial sections like Help pages, FAQs, Live Chat easily and unobtrusively accessible throughout your site while maintaining the aesthetic integrity.


About the Startup

The founders Matt Trimarchi and Chris Duell are from Melbourne, Australia and met in 2005 while working on a web development studio. After a few years of working there, they decided to start their own studios and later combined forces to become Venture Craft Ltd.

In November 2013, Chris decided to work on elevio as a side project. He speaks about the idea behind it, “Our experience with startups made one things clear: the most time consuming part was handling support. While we had a Help page, nobody was using it, so we decided to put our knowledge base in a tab on every page, and we saw our support load drop. It all snowballed from there, we kept adding more features and modules, until we got where we are now.” The beta version received so much positive feedback that by April 2014, elevio became the main product of Venture Craft.

elevio is all about educating users, and reducing support load and costs. It’s a simple tab that sits on your page and contains your entire knowledge base, a full support system, live chat, RSS feeds, comments system and more. So your users can easily find the help they need without having to leave the page they are on, or contact you in the method they find most comfortable without breaking their flow.

We tried out the ingenious system on our favorite website and came away impressed!

About their Plans

The market hasn’t seen this type of managed support service and for elevio, this is both a gift and a curse, explains Chris, “We might be unchallenged in terms of competition but we need to educate the market about the benefits of integrating elevio in their website. There is significant savings to be made, as well as the benefits of having users that are better informed and as a result of superior support, more loyal.”

Though the company is open to working with any internet entity like blogs, ecommerce sites and others, they are currently targeting SaaS providers. Language option is limited to English only for now.

elevio charges users on a monthly subscription basis with multiple plans for added features like analytics integration and being able to remove “Powered by elevio” branding.

Sign up or learn more about features like Disqus integration and the unique inline help by heading over to their website.


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