Peachtri offers Restaurant suggestions tailored to suit your taste

Thomas Vu and Julee Ho are a foodie duo who met in 2012 at Cal State Fullerton as part of the Instructional Design and Technology program. During their time in the Master of Science program, they worked together on developing training modules and instructional products. Their main focus was extensively on the user experience with the goal of creating products that are seamless, informative, and engaging.

“We both have a passion for good food and exceptional dining experiences. We both enjoy experimenting with new food concepts and technology. In the recent years, we’ve noticed a growing trend in using technology to revolutionize the way we eat. We believe the intersection of food and technology is our future. Based on this idea, we began Peachtri to help springboard the food tech industry and make dining out a fun, easy, and affordable experience” Thomas says.

What is Peachtri?

Peachtri offers a streamlined approach to dining out with a serendipitous splash. They work with quality restaurants in various communities to highlight the diversity of local cuisine and craft specially priced prix-fixe menus catered to your taste preferences. Peachtri allows you to browse through deals and preview menus, restaurant ratings, and locations. Upon purchasing a Peachtri voucher, the restaurant name is unveiled and the voucher is redeemable at the restaurant for the exclusive menu. It’s an easy, fun, and affordable way to try new restaurants in your area.


“To put it simply: we love to eat and try new restaurants. We were looking for a service that made it easy to sample menus from quality restaurants without breaking the bank. When we couldn’t find a service that did just that, we decided to create it ourselves.” Thomas says.

They found it difficult to get honest feedback from users who would review and help shape up their app. 

“We want to create a service that is beneficial to both restaurant owners and their potential customers. By supporting local restaurateurs in spreading the word about their food, while offering diners an affordable way to try new restaurants, we believe we can create a community where everyone wins. Peachtri’s business model and user interface makes accomplishing this goal a seamless process.” he adds.

Their competitors include various daily deal sites currently out there. But since their niche is only restaurants and dining experience they won’t have to worry about the rest.

“We don’t see any limitations in how big we can grow. The full-service restaurant industry in the U.S. alone is in the hundreds of billions and dining out is a crucial part of our lifestyle, culture, and economy. For as long as people love to eat, we think Peachtri can make a contribution.” he explains.


Peachtri is currently available to use in southern California, though they have plans to expand to other countries for diners. Anyone can use Peachtri, if they would like tailored suggestions on the food they eat coupled with offers or simply want the best dining experience. Peachtri has something to offer.

Their revenue model is that they take a very small percentage of the voucher amount from the restaurant’s end.

“As mentioned previously, our goal is to support local businesses so we will always strive to keep our cut reasonable and very competitive. Our focus is to create and maintain good relationships with the restaurants we work with in order to provide the best deals and dining experiences to our customers.” Thomas explains.

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