Hover, a computer vision startup gets $25 Million Investment from GV

HOVER app, a Computer Vision startup that specializes in helping users create a 3D model of their home, so they can easily visualize the changes they can make on their homes and get quotes from the contractors too.

Hover today announced that the company has secured $25 million in Series B funding from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Standard Industries, a waterproofing and roofing solutions manufacturer. Hover has raised $56 million in funding to date.

The startup adds that exterior contractors can save time and money by using HOVER for every project, as more customers are trusting HOVER, this helps them gain credibility and close more business.

As a homeowner user, HOVER allows them to design an immersive 3D models with exterior details of their house through its simple interface and it allows them to comprehensively visualize what their exterior remodeled project would look like.


HOVER also caters to the insurance industry, where the customers can use the exact measurements to cut claim adjusting costs and improve the overall customer experience.

A user wouldn’t have to buy a separate hardware to use HOVER; users can click a few pictures of their home (External images) and add the photos to the Hover app, it then processes these images through computer vision technology binds it together to gain a full understanding of your home and then churns out a 3D.

Apart from giving a miniature model of your home, HOVER also connects you to building contractors who can now send you quotes to your project (Only if you’d like), because they have the measurements to your house and they can even suggest the structural changes. It makes it easier for the homeowner and the contractor to collaborate.

HOVER app’s user On-boarding strategy is basically to encourage the contractors the get in touch with their leads (homeowners) and suggesting them to use the product for getting accurate measurements and get them to create an external model of their home for better designing and suggestions.

Once the homeowner user signs up through them, the contractor can know their progress.

A.J. Altman, Founder and CEO, HOVER says, “Americans spent well over $300 billion on home remodeling last year, yet when it comes to the most important and fundamental part of the process––getting estimates to make an informed decision––homeowners are still subjected to the same process their grandparents went through: relying on measuring tape, handshakes, eye-balled estimations, and a lot of patience,”.

“We’re excited to continue to work alongside these amazing strategic partners to bring more transparency and efficiency to this industry.”, he added.

You can download the HOVER app and make a free 3D model of your home here.

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