Xiaomi Introduces the Mi Water Purifier

Chinese Tech firm Xiaomi, worth some $45 billion and with a similarly devout following as Apple, is unveiling a new water purifier.  While Xiaomi is best known for low-cost Smartphones and fitness bands – the very products that propelled it to phenomenal success in less than five years to become one of the most valuable startups – it actually makes sense why they would make something like the Mi Water Purifier. The reasons behind this are quite simple – Xiaomi has a relatively youthful following, and their devotees are so much interested in their products that the company need not spend much on brand promotion, so it would make sense to manufacture a range of home products to capture this space as well.  In fact, any money that they do seem to spend on promotion goes towards things like throwing parties in expensive nightclubs and product giveaways for the brand’s most loyal fans.  And the Mi Water Purifier is not the first time that Xiaomi has gone into the home-products market either – they’ve already released air purifiers and television sets.


Like Apple, Xiaomi isn’t simply selling tech products, but a lifestyle. Unlike Apple, they seem to have taken this even further and capitalized on it. With the brand being so popular among its fans that new products routinely sell out, it’s hardly surprising that they have been able to capitalize on popularity. And Xiaomi’s popularity is such that they’ve not really needed to expand into western markets. So the Mi Water Filter is more than likely only the beginning for the brand’s foray into a more diversified product range, beyond smartphones and television sets – we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds to know what they’ll come up with next. But one thing’s for sure – their fans will follow wherever they go.

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