Organize Events Anonymously With Hudyl

While pacing with the trade mill of life we seem to miss out major events or deadlines. It is an old way to maintain almanacs to buzz ourselves duly but it works least for this generation. Our daily grind needs a smart calendar, which is integrated with our congeniality. Let’s see what Hudyl has to give us!

Hudyl is reconstructing the intuitive calendars for the mobiles. It is featured to make everyday plans and events possible with friends. It makes the entire schedule management thing an easy and enjoyable experience by integrating conversation to it.

Yes, the app intermingles messaging and calendar together to organise events. Users can see who, when and where of the events, right above the chats – no need to scroll through a hundred messages to find out the event details. The best part is we can create and send invites to friends in less than 30 seconds. Be it coffee meet-ups or a dinner party, Hudyl lets you arrange it all.


There’s a catch with Hudyl as well, the creator of the event is anonymous. Everyone can see who’s going to an event, but nobody can see which of their friends has initiate it. Removing the “organizer” from a plan reduces the barrier of putting plans out there, and makes the whole experience quite a fun!

Hydyl is competing with basic messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Anders Kravis and Mark Hall are the co-founders of Hudyl. It was Anders’s spare time design that started as a series of wireframes and rough mock-ups .Mark and Ander were attending the same program in College at University of Western Ontario. Anders pitched his ideas to Mark who brought the engineering skills on the table to add to Ander’s design background.

“The idea came about when we realized a pain that we were having in our own lives – the plan making process for people our age, and those younger than we do, is inherently broken.”

Take the calendar for instance – your day is scheduled in hour-long chunks and it’s fully focused on utility. Teens and Millennials don’t need to represent time on an hourly basis, and they definitely don’t want to send Outlook invites to one another.

Talking of Facebook events, it  has evolved to become just as formal as a calendar invitation and are used mainly for birthdays and club openings. This leaves the vast majority of planning to be done in spaces that weren’t designed for that use – mainly one to one conversations or chaotic group chats.


While the technology and our habits have moved on, we still slog to schedule our plans lamely with fallen behind approaches for the current generation.

Hudyl has upgraded the way we handle our events and plans by making three main changes to the plan making process. First, it sinks your conversation with the calendar, which made the experience natively mobile. Second, the UX design is intuitive and helps you bring people together in less than 30 seconds. Last but not the least it has eliminated the concept of ‘creator of the event’ from the list. What matters the most is who is going.

It is currently running Beta but once launched, I bet it will scale over time. “We’re launching on iOS first but the next step will be Android as we round out our offering to get Hudyl in the hands of as many users as possible.”

To know more about Hudyl, checkout the website:


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