With ILOOK Your Mobile TV App Is Just 3 Steps Away!

As a YouTube channel owner, you are often just confined to the viewers that visit the website. But what if you could reach to a sea of audience? Do you fancy the idea of having your channel converted to a kickass mobile TV app that would be available on the app store for download?

Well to help your dream come true, we introduce you to ILOOK. It is this genius app that lets you create your very own mobile TV app in a matter of seconds. In short, you are just 3 steps away from launching. All you have to do is create an ILOOK account, link your YouTube channel and click on publish. Yes it is this simple!

With ILOOK Your Mobile TV App Is Just 3 Steps Away!

Meet The Geniuses Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Peter Redford and Ngoc Do, ILOOK Corporation allows you to expand your YouTube brand and presence to mobile devices.

Redford is a veteran Silicon Valley technology CEO and Xerox PARC alumni. He has deep knowledge and experience in Internet television, the 2nd screen, VOD, advertising and IP licensing. Redford’s patents are licensed by most of the world’s biggest computer, consumer-electronics, and media companies (including Sony, Intel, Microsoft, NTT, Samsung, Mattel and many others).

As the inventor of the 2nd screen concept and the technology behind it (in 1993), Redford is often referred to as the “Father of the 2nd screen.” His development work was funded by Intel and NTT (Japan) and is called AirPlay. The 2nd screen is a mobile device acting as a “touch & view” program-guide/remote for video that plays on the 1st screen (TV).

Redford’s other technology credits include all of the original patents for AutoPlay (used in DVDs, Blu-ray players and Microsoft Windows), the personal computer sound card (SoundBlaster), Flash (Adobe), the LeapPad (most popular toy ever sold), one of the original patents for the graphical user interface (GUI, used in Windows), and all of the original patents for the AirPlay technology (used in Apple TV).

Know The App Better!

ILOOK is an impressive cloud-powered OTT TV platform that is modeled after traditional cable. It instantly converts YouTube channels into branded mobile apps. Further, it aggregates them as TV channels and monetizes them with TV commercials, PPV and channel subscriptions.

On The Problem ILOOK is Solving!

YouTube channel ad revenue will soon exceed the ad revenue of all the TV networks combined. Thus by aggregating YouTube channels as branded TV apps, ILOOK empowers the next generation of content providers into the realm of mainstream television.

The Driving Force!

TV channels are becoming mobile TV apps.

If TV channels are becoming TV apps, than it follows that TV channel aggregators should become TV app aggregators. This very idea is what inspired the team to develop ILOOK.

With ILOOK Your Mobile TV App Is Just 3 Steps Away!

Road Blocks & Contenders!

For the team, deciding on what the minimum viable product should be was their biggest challenge. Further, in terms of competitors, companies such as Roku are their potential competitors. However, it aggregates TV apps on the TV screen rather than on the mobile screen.

Also, the advantage of mobile TV apps is that they can play a video on any screen and fully enable the 2nd screen concept where the mobile device is also used as the remote and the channel guide.

On The Journey Ahead, Intended Users & More!

In the near future, ILOOK plans to aggregate thousands of YouTube channels and insert TV commercials into them worldwide. At the moment, the app is mainly targeted at YouTube channel owners from around the globe and when it comes to monetizing, Redford keeps it effective, yet simple.

“ILOOK inserts TV commercials into TV apps that want them. ILOOK then keeps 30% of revenue from these TV commercials”, says Redford.

To sum it up perfectly, with ILOOK convert your video channels into mobile TV apps. Make your presence felt to a wider audience!!

Special Offer!

Well if you are a YouTube Channel owner, then the ILOOK service is free to you! Yes happy days!!

To know more about the app, do visit: www.ilook.tv

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