The June Oven – bringing smart technology to the kitchen

Since the advent of the microwave oven in the 1950s, nothing much has really changed in terms of the devices that we have in the kitchen.  Yes, perhaps a few new technologies get added, but nothing revolutionary – advancements have meant improvements on existing platforms, essentially going for added consistency and convenience over complete innovation.  Or at least that’s the status quo – but now that the June Intelligent Oven has come, there’s finally something to change up how things work in the kitchen.  Okay, so it’s a countertop oven, which on its own is kind of commonplace in many kitchens – but it’s so much more than all of these other countertop ovens that you see in many kitchens.  The June Intelligent Oven is a smart oven that uses things like mobile and video technology, efficient cooking methods, and sensors to cook your food with precision and efficiency.  So it can recognize what you’re trying to cook, and then do so with more accuracy than you could ever imagine.


Matt Van Horn co-founded June with Nikhil Bhogal, and they’ve brought together some of the brightest minds in software and hardware to make the idea of a smart oven a reality. Matt and Nikhil had focused on the concept of a “connected home,” since technology is changing our living spaces, and realized that while there were a few premium products out there, nothing much has been done in the kitchen.  And so they set out to make people better, more confident cooks – and have ended up with an innovation which combines new technology with classic cooking methods.  And so this could become the greatest advancement for the kitchen since the microwave oven.  The hard part for the June team was coordinating sources for the best materials, manufacturers, and shipping, but they seem to have that sorted now, so the first June Intelligent Ovens should be ready for shipment by Spring 2016.  So now, regardless of your cooking skills, you will be able to become proficient in the kitchen.

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