LegalTrek: The Proficient Tool For Legal Firms!

LegalTrek, a European start-up is on its way with the best law practice software for law firms and attorneys out there looking for help. The software efficiently handles the workflow, impress the clients and précising bills efficiently. The multi-tasking tool entrenches the law firm basis with perfection. Ivan Rasic and Aleksandar Gvozden are the skilful creators who shaped LegalTrek.

Ivan has been working in the field of Financial Law and Corporate finance for the past 7 years, both in law firms and in-house legal departments. The founders saw that there was definitely a lot of room for improvement in terms of processes and organization. The idea evolved from the surveillance that that modern technologies could be used to improve a law firm’s business. After some extensive research and feedback from numerous legal professionals, LegalTrek started to take its shape.

“One of the biggest challenges right now is developing good sales funnel and finding the channels that are bringing a continuous stream of prospects.” expressed the founders.

The legal industry is frenzied, especially the firms with   attorneys.  Managing the manpower and at the same time handling the pressure of growing as business is an herculean task to make peace with. LegalTrek is making the remarkable productive changes by simplifying the work with features of extensive law practice software.


There are quite a few players in the field of law. These companies have play it long in the market and proved to be successful but their monotony gives way to the LegalTrek.

“We have embedded the demanded change in our company’s DNA and if our competitors don’t manage to adapt, we will simply eat their lunch.” quoted Pavel Valkanov , the Digital Marketing Manager.

The good news is that it is going full steam ahead! There are over six million legal professionals in the world right. Legaltrek is looking forward to serve at least ten percent of the majority.The revenue is generated with the inflow of monthly subscription.

To know more about it, checkout the website:

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