Inspecter Is Here To Revamp Online Surveys For Your Webshop!

While launching a product, conducting a survey is the golden rule of marketing. It may not be accurate but it does give you a fair insight on consumer behavior across various groups of buyers. Also, who better to ask feedback from than the customers who are going to purchase the product and use it?

However, the unfortunate news is that traditional surveys are not well-equipped to give you good results. The process of rolling it out and collating the data can also turn out to be extremely time-consuming and frustrating.

Well to solve this very problem there is soon going to be a kickass app in town called Inspecter. With this app, its time for you to move past the likes of SurveyMonkey and other such apps in the market. This awesome app is here to revamp the way online surveys are sent out and collected from prospective clients.

Inspecter Is Here To Revamp Online Surveys For Your Webshop!

Meet The Power Team Behind Inspecter!

Conceptualized and founded by Máthé Zsolt-László and Ördög Zoltán, Inspecter is an app that will soon be here to reinvent the way market surveys are conducted by e-commerce portals.

Zsolt is the technical minded developer who deals with challenges of html5+css3, javascript and jquery while Zoltan is a designer with an interest in user interface design, icon design, branding and identity design. They are based out of Romania and have known each other for over 10 years now. Their friendship started at the university but they started working together about two years ago, when they met for a coffee.

Know The App Better!

Inspecter is all about beautiful online survey for e-commerce websites. The team over the years as made a keen observation that every e-commerce site owner is wondering what their customers think about their product(s). This app is beautiful because it helps the business know their costumers’ opinions on their every product.

The Inspiration Behind It All!

“We are already running a startup called and over the validation of this we noticed that customers who already own an e-commerce website are mostly curious about their clients’ opinions related to their products. This is what triggered the entire idea for Inspecter”, says the team.

Inspecter Is Here To Revamp Online Surveys For Your Webshop!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most startups, finding the right mentors and investor in the operation area was the team’s biggest challenge.

In terms of competition, SurveyMonkey poses as their serious direct competitor as it allows users to create their own surveys. Nevertheless, Inspecter not just permits users to conduct a survey but also allows to embed it next to the products on their e-commerce website and get relevant information about these products.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“At the moment we have an MVP and more than 100 subscribers waiting for the launch of our service. We are currently in the development phase. In the future we want to extend the services of Inspecter with a set of analytics and conversion modules,” says the team.

Presently, the app is mainly targeted towards e-commerce website owners and operators worldwide.

The Monetizing Model!

The app’s monetizing model resembles a Google Adword campaign. Users can set up a campaign and they will be charged with $0.20 for every completed survey.

Special Offer!

The team of Inspecter was kind enough to leave our readers with some exciting goodies. Subscribe to their MVP now and get a free campaign of $50 on the launch of Inspecter.

For more details on the app, do make it a point to visit:

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