Snap, Tag and Organize At Klaser!

Klaser, a proud venture of UptonApps is a stuff organizer. The app collects and systematizes the  important and unimportant stuffs. With Klaser you can retrieve all your tagged memories and schedules effortlessly, as you don’t have to search the entire bank.

Tomasz Chwilowicz and Wojciech Lembryk, the co-founders of UptonApps have godfathered Klazer. The goal is to become world’s no1 solutions for collecting things, organizing, describing, and managing for millions of private users as well as for specialized branches of business.

After a lot of brainstorming and suggestions from people out there, to make lives better. The obvious conclusion was, clutter is chaos and order is simplicity! Klazer is tailored to sustain the prime focus by organising everything else that can be a sheer distraction.

“Are we able to change your life? No, the answer is no, but you can do it. You always can! We are only giving you a tool to manage the small portion around you. Your mind is a muscle! You can now exercise it with Klaser!” expressed the founders.


Now since the concept was clear, the biggest stumbling block for the founders was to spot the potential customers.

Klaser helps you to organise possibly everything by just snapping a photo, annotating it with name and description for future references. For a instance, when you purchase a food item you can take a picture of the item, its receipt, the food recipe and the dish garnish all grouped together through a variety of means.

You can add tags, text descriptions, map locations and timestamps to your images. This gives you a huge number of possibilities to create a special place for each thing that can be found easily amidst all the clutter of your memories.

Evernote is good at collecting all sorts of information. However, Klaser is a better app because the interface is quite simple for general use.

It is planning to incorporate professional collections like record and supply memos on the products, sort and process the data, catalogue exhibition and suppliers from your desktops, etc.

“We are finishing the inApp purchase option along with new features. This will be backup in Dropbox and sync with iCloud.” revealed Tomasz- CEO.

The prime users of Klaser are the private users looking out for organizing information and stuff and professionals collecting all sorts of data on the go.

To know more about it, checkout the website:


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