Mammoth Is A Multitasking Pallete For Work!

Have been using powerful tools like ‘Sharepoint’ for content and document management, ‘Evernote’ for official note taking and achieving? I understand, ‘Dropbox’ is irresistible for cloud storage, file synchronizing and personal cloud. How can I miss on ‘GDrive’ , the legitimate file storage and chats for instant communications?

Let me tell you, these tools are incredibly focused and purpose-oriented. But as a professional, is it convenient to juggle between these high-profile frameworks every now and then? Readers, wait no more because this product is going to change your workflow entirely. Mammoth, a multi-facet tool is here to embellish your working style.

Mammoth is a communication and publishing tool for team members. Mammoth helps in uninterrupted research, content handling &  projects completion, collaboratively.


Meet The Virtusos!

Mammoth is co-founded by Karan Gupta, Amit Narayanan and Ashish Krishna. The techies are impeccable coders and UX designers.

Karan, the CEO apart from being a Robotics engineer, he is also an ethical hacker. Prior to this, he worked at Sony Playstation and launched Heylos Co-browsing IM.

Amit , the CTO has also worked at Sony Playstation, eBay , Oracle. Amit has gained experiences on building software and now he is planning something big, Mammoth.

Ashish is the Designer at work. He has worked with Microsoft, D.light Design, HPLabs. He went to TU Delft and IIT, Guwahati. He has also co-founded Satva Water, a social enterprise to provide pure & affordable drinking water.

Story Behind Mammoth!

The idea for the makings of Mammoth intervened when Karan realised the fact that all his ideas, conversations and research was getting scattered between emails, chats, bookmarks, Evernote, Dropbox, GDrive, and many such services,making it really hard to see the big picture. Evidently, the rest of the world was also trailing through same phase.

At the same instance, Ashish observed that the knowledge of product development team’s gets scattered across emails (communication app), SharePoint (storage) and OneNote (Shared notes) at Microsoft.

The Oomph Factor!

Mammoth has contemplated group chats, wiki, IM, project management tool all together as a package. The workflow of Mammoth is indeed a unique one, giving a completely new interface for projects.

You can start with just a conversation and  turn it into a useful, referenced document. The democratic product lets the entire team to brainstorm, share research thesis and develop upon an idea collectively.

Mammoth is potentially contending the highly configured tools like SharePoint and Evernote.


The Lingering Features

It’s striving to make it more user-friendly in terms of sending invitees to join for work. We can also expect Mammoth in Mac/Windows/Linux version. An amazing Android app is on the cards.

The users of mammoth are reverting with remarkable responses. It is also working on featuring freemium plans for the users.

 On Revenue Model

It’s a free app! There is no limit on boards, participants, file sizes, etc. The freemium plan that charges only for the critical things such as a professional user needs: versioning of boards, encryption and extra storage. The freemium plan will be live in 2 months, $50/user/year.

Mammoth is tested and out 50 users, who were notified on emails, nearly 30 of them have already made the payment. It witnessed a booth at Founders Showcase, had a line of people to register.


Potential Users!

Officials like product management team, designers, etc are using it for product development. Marketers like branding and research agencies are implementing Mammoth for collaborative research. That’s not the end of the list, BioTech companies are availing it to execute their long running medical research. Students are using it for their group class projects in universities and colleges. Prosumers are also using it at home as a productivity tool for planning weddings, house research, planning parties, personal research/ curation etc. A diversified crowd is attracted towards the usability of Mammoth. Undoubtedly, Mammouth is a all-rounder!

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