LoveThis-Don’t Forget To Do Crazy Things

When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do-Walt Disney. Now go on and write it somewhere before you forget it! LoveThis is the App to discover and remember things worth doing in life. It is calibrated to hold your exciting “to-do list”. LoveThis helps satisfy a desire that pretty much everyone in the developed world has. You can discover thrilling things to do by following the lists and browsing the activity feed. Next time you’re looking for something to do, remember you have LoveThis in your pocket.

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LoveThis was shaped by Alexis Dormandy , a former Virgin Group board member who over saw the launch of Virgin Mobile and Virgin Active before stints as CMO of Orange Mobile and Chairman of Bono’s AIDS charity RED. He is currently the CEO of Deep, a group of high growth technology businesses including Free: Formers, a digital transformation group; Booking Bug, an online scheduling business; and LoveThis.

The board includes Gi Fernando, the Founder of Techlightenment, which was acquired by Experian in 2011. The rest of the team come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, including Nokia, IAC and News UK.

Instincts followed

Alexis always found it difficult to discover new things to try and found that the best source of inspiration was usually his friends. The trouble was, he would often forget his friends’ recommendations, or they weren’t around when he wanted to find something to do. So, he thought it’d be useful to create an app that he could help to see all of the things his friends had suggested, and save those he found interesting to lists that he could then check off as and when he tried things. He assembled a team of talented people who agreed with his idea and the result was “LoveThis”


Challenges Slammed on the way

“One of the biggest challenges is getting yourself heard amongst all of the noise. People are constantly bombarded by content on email, social media, TV and so on and so it’s hard for new businesses to get their message across. “

This is actually one reason why it’s hard to discover new things worth trying. There are more sources of inspiration than ever but there’s so much choice that we need filters we trust (like friends or trusted magazines). I is loomed to focus on the quality of the content and giving our early-adopter community the best possible experience so that word of the product travels largely via word of mouth.

Features to relish

We all want to live more interesting lives, to try new things and not miss out on great experiences. But that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to find things worth trying amongst the noise and harder to remember them, let alone to find the time to do them.LoveThis is beautiful both in it’s design but also in it’s simplicity.


The app helps you discover new things to try in the easy-to-consume form of lists, save them and check them off when you’ve done them. It’s that simple. There are other nice features like the ability to ask for suggestions from friends, and the ability to buy or book things, but the core experience is simply, ‘discover, save, do’ and that seems to be resonating with our users.

Competition Around

Apple Notes and email, where many people who haven’t heard of LoveThis yet still make lists of things they want to try.
“People might say inspiration apps like Pinterest or TimeOut, but we see ourselves as very complementary to other sources of inspiration.” In fact, many users create lists like “Etsy products I want” or “TimeOut Restaurants” on LoveThis to remember things they discover on other platforms in the handy form of a shareable, easy to manage, LoveThis list.

Making it bigger

LoveThis helps quenches the thirst of doing extravaganza, a desire to live an enthralling life. So, eventually we want everyone in the world using LoveThis to discover, remember and do more amazing things!



Building on the capital

There are various potential revenue streams. The users are discovering things they want to try, often they want to make prior bookings could be a the most obvious way to monetize.

We’re gathering a ton of really user data on what people want to try and sharing this data with partners, would enable them to improve their products and marketing.

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