Manage Your Mobile Auto Mechanic Business With MechanicMe!

As an auto repair business owner it can get pretty hard to keep a track of all customer information and other such details. Efficient management especially turns out to be a bigger challenge when you are a mobile mechanic without a workshop to bank on. Thus to help you effectively manage your services, there is a new software called MechanicMe available at your disposal.

MechanicMe is a web based mobile friendly software that you can use to manage your mobile auto mechanic business. With this app you can now store all your client information securely on the cloud and process debit and credit cards. Further, since it is tablet and mobile friendly web application, you can access it from practically anywhere at any time.

Manage Your Mobile Auto Mechanic Business With MechanicMe!

Introducing The Mastermind Behind It All!

Ideated and founded by Sunny Clark, he is the one man show that made MechanicMe happen.

Sunny always aspired to have his own company that provided a lot of value to people. He foresaw SAAS being the best model to start with as it doesn’t require exorbitant capital but has the potential for immense reach. Sunny is a full stack mobile developer who can basically do programming that would otherwise require 3 to 4 developers.

Know MechanicMe Better!

This app is your very own auto repair shops software. MechanicMe is a cloud based and mobile friendly app that is ahead of its curve as there is none like it yet in the market. Currently, this software serves only ‘mobile mechanics’ that do not have a workshop. However, Sunny is in the process of switching it to a full blown repair shop management.

The Inspiration!

“I wanted to do a generic market, and I looked up auto repair software and saw they desperately need some help. Thus MechanicMe was born”, says Sunny.

Manage Your Mobile Auto Mechanic Business With MechanicMe!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Since, the project is bootstrapped; working on a strict budget was Sunny’s biggest challenge. Further, this app is a B2B and not a B2C. Thus unlike a typical ‘consumer’ app, there is a need to have a lot more features in MechanicMe and working on original codes to do so was also a challenge.

In terms of competition, there are a small handful of them. However, the team’s biggest confidence is a company called Winworks that sells a “windows 98” app charged at 3k for lifetime price plus monthly “tech help” fees. The fact that they are still in business gives Sunny confidence that this industry surely needs help.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

“There are 1000 autoshops in Vegas alone and I think that will keep me busy for a while”, says Sunny. Also at the moment, MechanicMe is mainly targeted towards auto repair shop business owners.

When it comes down to making some Benjamins, Sunny is charging a monthly SAAS fee. The charge depends on the features opted for by businesses.

To neatly state the above, MechanicMe is here to provide mobile mechanics as well as auto repair shops the much needed software to perfectly manage their business.

For more details on this online application and to start your free 30 day trial today, do make it a point to visit:

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