Convert your ideas into visually rich and engaging content using Visme

Payman Taei founded Visme as a result of his “own frustration as a designer with Flash – the old technology to create visual and interactive content.” Visme allows everyone to quickly and easily translate their ideas into visually rich and engaging content in the form of Presentations, Infographics and other forms of content.

When Apple stopped supporting Flash on Mobile, Payman and his team decided to create a similar application using HTML5, “that marries core functionality of Powerpoint” to create a SaaS tool that can be used by virtually anyone with no design knowledge. “Our team is small and extremely dedicated to disrupting the Presentation/Infographic industry with Visme.” says Payman.He adds, “Visme is the Swiss Knife of visual content. It is one app with one low learning curve anyone can use to create better content; a content that requires no plugins, no installation and appeals to a wide range of audience. “


Pushing the boundaries of HTML5 was the main challenge faced by Visme. “Going where no one has gone before to integrate a set of tools into one easy application that runs smoothly on the cloud was quite challenging at times.” Payman tells us. Visme is “simplifying the ability for anyone to visualize their ideas” in a way that is easy to understand and is professional. Payman says, “In essence, we give the user control to creating their own content without having to hire a designer.”

Visme has a few competitors, but they do not offer everything that Visme offers. Competitors include Prezie and Slides for Presentations, and Piktochart for Infographics. Visme has so far doubled its user base every 5-6 months. It is used in over 50 countries by people from all walks of life. “We strongly believe Visme has the potential to be used by at least 2 million users in the next 2 years.” says Payman. He adds, “Our growth will be both at the team/enterprise level (bulk licenses) and at the level of individual campaign.” Visme’s target users are Communicators, Marketers, Business owners, Educators and Students.

Visme is already successfully monetizing via its Premium plans. The number of premium users has been growing every month since the plans were launched in Summer 2014.

Visme is free. Sign-up at . You can also get 30% off on all Premium plans using code COOL30 during checkout.

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