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Traqli is an email marketing platform that helps digital publishers to dramatically increase their revenue by increasing reader engagement, through cultivating a deeper understanding of visitors’ reading preferences in a hassle-free manner. Based on content-curation techniques and semantic analysis, Traqli recognizes content topics, defines connections between articles, and tracks users’ behavior on the site. As a result, personalized information is delivered to each reader, regardless of the publisher’s database volume. Unlike existing email marketing solutions, Traqli requires almost no time to provide personalized hand-picked content for readers. Thus publishers extend their readership, thereby increasing both revenue and readers’ loyalty.


Alexei Chapko and Dmytro Shandyba co-founded Newzmate in 2013, which was originally planned as a news aggregator. Being a news junky, constantly searching for relevant news on the topics he’s interested in, Alexei came to conclusion that he spends 80% of his ‘reading time’ getting rid of irrelevant information. Thinking about how to solve this problem, he came up with the idea of a news aggregator, and started working on it with Dmytro. Newzmate is actually the second startup between the two, and therefore each knew his specialization – Dmytro was CTO, while Alexei was director of business development in their previous venture, Presente3D. As time progressed, they realized that it’s difficult to make a business on a news aggregator, because there are too many competitors, which are divided into two categories: first, dozens of news aggregators that failed; and second, a couple of companies such as Flipboard, that raised large amounts of investment, but still earn little money. So they implemented the functionality of their news aggregator on an independent service for publishers, which can be easily integrated into the publisher’s website. This is how the first version of Traqli emerged.traqli-newzmate-inc-for-startup-co-en-4-638

Relying on an analysis of 5 million readers, Alexei and Dmytro came to the conclusion that without solving vital issues facing the digital industry, methods of information consumption will largely remain unchanged. These are that ad revenues are plummeting, and building audience engagement has both technical and financial restrictions. To solve these problems, Traqli was transformed into an email marketing platform for digital publishers.  Technically speaking, Traqli competes with email marketing solutions such as MailChimp, GetResponse, and EmailBrain.  But none of these provide personalized content, nor are they designed to satisfy the needs of an online media house. As a result, the most similar solution to Traqli would be personalized notification platform Boomtrain.  Traqli currently covers an audience of over 15 million, sends over 14 million emails, and does over 70 million recommendations, all on a monthly basis.  Recently the company has raised over $300,000 from angel investor Bas Godska and Xevin Investments’ VC Fund. Attracted investments will be used to scale sales for European and the US markets, and to provide customers with analytics about content trends and reading preferences in their audience. Based on their pipeline, within twelve months Traqli will achieve monthly audience coverage of 50 million.

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