Meeco adds Value for what you share.

 “It’s your life, It’s your data.  You own it”.

                                                                – Katryna Dow (founder of Meeco)

Meeco which was founded in 2012 by Katryna Dow ( aka KD ) is the world’s first Life Management Platform . It’s main aim is to provide a safe and user-friendly platform for people to share their thoughts and ideas and in exchange they receive equity and value for it. The idea was conceived over a decade ago as social networks were on the rise. Katryna envisioned a time when personal sovereignty would be as important as being connected. Now a decade later, personal clouds, mobile technology and the internet of things (IoT) have come together to make Meeco  not just possible but necessary. In an age where individuals fear for their virtual security, the tagline of Meeco, “Be Connected, Stay Human” pretty much sums up their intentions.


The Meeco team (affectionately referred to as Meeps) has now grown to fifteen people and continues to grow. Right now they have 8 full-time staff, an intern and six additional part-time developers who supplement the core team when required for a major release.

When we asked them about the problem they are solving and why they think their solution is beautiful, this is what Penelope Hogan, the digital and human voice of Meeco had to say – “That’s a pretty beautiful idea if you ask me. Our platform encompasses a bunch of features or ‘tiles’ through which you can manage your digital life. They are:

My Life: A digital filing cabinet where you can manage all of the important information about your life. It can operate independently as place to store your data , connect to a personal cloud or map to an alternative data vault.

My Sites: A totally customized personal web portal that provides a simple and private dashboard for all online activities.

My Intentions: A visual Pinterest style portal where you can declare your goals and intentions for specific products, services, experiences and advice, including brand preferences and target achievement dates. Supported by an Intentions stream which can display intentions anonymously and include preferred brands.

My Brands: A customized brand preference-profiling application (we call it Brinder) including the ability to sort your existing brand relationships.
My Insights: A dashboard of quantified-self insights incorporating all applications and features across the Meeco Platform.

As well as a few more which we will be adding next month, which are:
My Contacts: A personal, brand, business and government contacts directory, offering permission based connections and encrypted direct messaging.

My Sharing : An simple way to exchange and share data, contacts, and preferences with trusted individuals and organizations.

Then further down the roadmap we will be including the capability to join IoT devices, wearables, social data and integrating an exciting new application for social sharing.

Their target audience are anyone in the digital world, anywhere on the globe that wants to be connected and stay human.


Meeco’s future projects include contacts, secure messaging and peer-to-peer sharing.  This will be followed by the ability to share data with organizations, including government, brands, education institutions, health providers etc.

With online identity theft at an all time high, Meeco is the go to company for solutions to such problems. It looks promising as it is working for the benefit of the netizens. It is something we should all definitely watch out for.

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