SilverPush brings People, Devices and Data together

Hitesh Chawla and Mudit Seth came up with an idea “to bridge the gap between traditional TV advertising and digital media while they were working together in OOH related startup.” To make it a reality, they co-founded SilverPush in 2012. Hitesh is the CEO of SilverPush, while Mudith Seth is the CMO and Alex Modon, the COO. SilverPush got selected by 500 Startups and GSF accelerator and is now helping many brands to reach their target audience. The team consists of a bunch of data scientists, coders, product specialists, campaign managers and sales people from the US as well as India.

SilverPush is a San Francisco based cross-device mapping platform. “Our technology helps marketers to unify data points from billions of devices around the globe and associate it with people.” says Adarsh Sasi, the Product Marketing Manager and the spokesperson. He adds, “SilverPush is helping many brands to understand consumer behaviour across multiple devices by combining data points generated by TVs, Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones. Using this platform, brands learn viewer’s engagement with their ads, which is broadcasted on TV. They can also analyze their web audience and re-target them on the audiences’ smartphone based on their interest and behaviour. Now SilverPush remains the only cross device advertising company that connects TV- Desktop – Tablet and Mobile in a single platform.”


Hitesh and Mudit were co-founders of another start-up called WiseTouch, where they built a centralized platform for serving advertisements to outdoor media screens and tablets. It is during this time the duo decided to tap into the mobile advertising sector. SilverPush platform was built as a basic mobile advertising platform for brands at first. Later on, the company developed a technology, which they would like to call as ‘Audio Beacon technology’ and patented it. With the addition of this technology to the platform, SilverPush was able to connect the offline advertising TV spend, to its platform. Audio beacons implemented in the TV commercials will be received by the smartphone of the user with the help of SilverPush SDK in various apps and the user will be profiled in the company’s advertising platform.

Every year marketers spend more than $50 Billion dollars into TV advertising. But the marketers have no clue on who is viewing those TV commercials. Right now, the big spenders use GRP ratings and get an estimate of the total number of people who might have seen their commercials. In Adarsh’s own words, “SilverPush is aiming at to bring in transparency into this process. With our technology, brands can now see the full demographics of TV viewers, their geography, interest and all the details that would help a brand in planning their TV schedules. In addition to this, they can show mobile advertisements for the people, who have seen the ads on TV.”

SilverPush couldn’t escape from challenges though. “Indian market was still in the process of adapting to programmatic buying and cross-device re-targeting when we launched our platform.” Adarsh says, “For the initial couple of months, we had to put in a lot of effort for educating our clients about the benefits of cross-device re-targeting and how TV analytics will help the brands in making TV advertising accountable. But now, almost all major brands use SilverPush platform to find out the reach of their TV commercials and target people viewing those ads.”

SilverPush’s products span across the mobile and digital industry and while for some of their products like the “mobile demand side platform”, they have a couple of competitors globally, for their “TV analytics and TV-to-mobile retargeting suites”, there are no direct competitors.

On future plans, Adarsh reveals, “We are planning to expand to more countries in APAC region and we have already initiated talks with various stakeholders in those regions. By the end of this year, we will have footprints in more than 4 countries.”

SilverPush’s target audiences are the brands and the agencies who manage those brands. It currently has many top brands as clients and charges a fee from these companies for availing various services from its platform.

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