‘MobiChat’ is the Marketing Platform for Mobile Lead Generation

Are you tired of filling clumsy mobile forms to inquire for services? It’s time to get answers instantly. MobiChat connects customers to the service agents for marketing purpose. It aims to help business engage then capture more customers on mobile devices.

Mobile forms are inept! Customers seek for spontaneous help. So far, no applications have been built to solve the issues associated with customers viewing websites on mobile phones. It is the first and only live chat system, specifically built to gratify the thriving mobile habits era. Customers chat from your app or mobile website.

Douglas Petrie and Douglas Tubbs, the Co-founders of MobiChat are into building the lead generation technology since 13 years. The loopholes of mobile traffic convinced them to build a custom solution for sales teams.

“Initial sales are always a hurdle as companies would compare us with other live chat providers”.


The Key Feature

MobiChat helps the companies to provide a better customer experience using mobile phones. Instead of interruptive queries, customers prefer ceaseless services from agent. MobiChat makes solved it!

The conversations are captured, validated, and posted just like a form would. After the data is capture the agent can redirect the customer to another URL, give them a phone number to click, or continue to answer their questions. The whole experience takes part in the mobile browser or app.

The App efficiently controls the mobile tracking issues.

Application like Liveperson, Olark, Zopim or any live chat provider are the alternative services but MobiChat users already see the benefit of using it.

Strategies to Strive

It is currently out bounding sales in the US to mid-size companies and a few niche US markets. “We plan to continue this path and expand into other US markets while exploring opportunities where they present themselves.”- Doug Petrie.

Companies that are driving inbound mobile traffic can profit by using MobiChat. In general, any website that has mobile traffic can avail it.

The cost is charged per agent and has enterprise plans based on a per chat basis.

 The support crew will offer the Startup Dope members 60 days trial instead of 30 days and entire account will be setup for you.

To use MobiChat visit: http://www.mobichat.com/


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