HandStand app helps you get in shape on your terms, on demand

How many of us are still sticking to our new year goals of getting fitter or lean and mean?

We often give up on our one most important things in life which is health in lieu of other things such as junk food (Okay, except Home-cut fries), work pressure and other factors.

The most common reasons why people easily give up on their goal of working out could be due to their lack of time management.


Tiffany Hakimianpour, an LA-based entrepreneur, found that the process of finding the cost-effective and right trainer was a tedious job. Plus, she wanted to sign up for tailor-made fitness plans particularly for her, which weren’t available.

After her harrowing experience with the local gyms in her area, she created Handstand, an app that helps users at all levels reach their health and fitness goals. Workouts like Yoga, Boxing, Mat Pilates, Kickboxing, Boot camp, Basketball, and a dozen more are available to customers on demand from 5:30am until 10pm. With no overpriced gym membership fees, long contracts, or inconvenient locations, Handstand is the solution to all fitness needs.

                                                                 All of Handstand’s certified personal trainers, instructors, and coaches are interviewed, screened, and background checked. They also supply the necessary equipment for all customers. Users can choose whom they want to workout with, when they want to workout, and even where they want to workout. Typical locations are user’s homes, their apartment’s fitness center, local gyms, and parks. Handstand first launched out of LA technology studio Science Inc over 6 months ago and has logged over 8,000 hours of training. Now, she says that all of her issues were remedied with Handstand.

Handstand recently launched it’s services to their second major market, New York City.

One of its users who uses the iPhone version of the app mentioned that “It’s the membership for all your fitness needs”. Tiffany says that the Handstand team knows that workout trends change often and the platform is responsive and gets tweaked with updates at regular intervals, while adding over seven new class types per month.

Handstand aims to give a better fitness experience while using it, helping it’s customers in the LA and New York to get easy access to effective, convenient, and affordable workouts. They plan to expand to additional markets throughout 2016.

If you’re in L.A or New York, do give their app a try: www.handstandapp.com

They’re available on iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/handstand-workouts-on-demand/id943258959?mt=8

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