Boonle Gives Freelancing a Modern Age Twist!

Well the need for talent is a constant demand that just doesn’t seem to fizzle. Also, well-known and seasoned talent never comes at a low price tag. If you are just starting up with your dream project then you surely know how it is initially – limited funds and ever process in its nascent stage. During this time, oh how you wish to connect with freelancers that give quality services at nominal fees.

Well to bridge this very gap there is a new app in town called Boonle. This app offers freelancers and project authors the perfect platform that is mutually benefiting for both the parties involved.

Boonle in a way is the modern age Barter System wherein freelancers give quality work to project authors in exchange for appreciations, reviews, and tips. This way the authors get their work done and freelancers gain experience, build their skill set and earn a reputation that will get them noticed.

Boonle Gives Freelancing a Modern Age Twist

Meet The Man That Runs The Show!

Boonle is the brainchild of Antonio Calabrese who ideated and founded this start-up.

Antonio, quit his 9 to 5 life almost two years ago to freelance full time as a web designer.  During this time is when he came to understand the struggle with freelancing and finding quality work that is affordable. This is what led him to start Boonle. This web app is a platform where freelancers can break into the market and provide services to those who can’t afford expensive agencies.

Know A Little More About This App

Boonle is all about connecting freelancers, the ‘Producers’ to those that need help with digital services, the ‘Authors’.

With this app, Antonio wanted to flip the freelancing structure completely upside down. Instead of buyers searching for freelancers to do the work, freelancers get to search for projects that they would like to work on. Also, instead of bidding on projects like other platforms suggest, freelancers choose projects on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What sets this app apart is the fact that there are no set prices for projects on Boonle. The freelancers will work on projects in return for experience, portfolio building, and monetary tips.

What Problems is Boonle Solving?

The freelance economy is booming and is expected to grow quickly over the next 5 to 10 years. With more and more freelancers entering the market, it’s becoming difficult for freelancers to build a portfolio and find clients when first starting out.

Boonle solves this as any freelancer can work on an available project. This helps new freelancers build a portfolio and gain experience and provides those who need the services an inexpensive way to get work completed.

The Inspiration Behind it All!

“Anytime I needed help with small tasks (such as photoshop work), I would post my needs on Facebook. Most of the time, I would receive no response. However, there was one time someone helped me out and did so for free. In return for his help, I sent him a gift card as a tip for helping and he was more that appreciative”, says Antonio on the incident that inspired the idea.

Boonle Gives Freelancing a Modern Age Twist

On Hurdles Faced & Competitors

The most difficult hurdle for Antonio was getting started. He and his team had ideas, but taking the first step proved to be the hardest.

On the other hand, in terms of competition,,, and do pose as potential competitors. These are all freelance economies that connect freelancers and project authors.

On Target Audience and The Road Ahead!

Boonle is mainly targeted at audience that includes graphic designers, developers, writers, voice actors, marketers, and others that can provide digital services.

As far as future expansion plan goes, this is what the Antonio has to say, “We are still in development and plan to launch beta in Spring 2015. From there, we want to become the starting point for every new freelancer entering the market”.

In addition, when each project is completed, a monetary tip is left for the freelancer (Producer). Boonle is planning on monetizing by taking 20% of each tip.

Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team of Boonle is sending early beta invites to the first 1,000 registrants. Register for beta by simply entering your email address at the website mentioned below.

To know more about the app, do visit:

Psst… For those of you who love videos… Checkout the awesomeness below instead to know what Boonle is about:


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