Eat better, EatWell.

In this fast paced world, where we rarely care about what we’re eating, let alone bother about whether it is healthy or not. And also keeping in mind of the incessant unhealthy habits of the world. There is currently an app which will ensure and enable good eating habits which is the need of the hour.

Aiming to improve people’s health and lifestyle by enabling them to eat healthy, with minimum effort and cost.


Meet the team!

When 3 young enthusiastic people concerned about the growing unhealthy eating habits and over all human health great wonders is bound to happen. Their enthusiasm resulted in this app EatWell.
Pavel Cholakov – The Entrepreneur, believes that business is the ultimate sport in which you are out on the field 24/7. Having studied finance and leadership, which are invaluable assets  for every business person and along with immense experience in running both for profit ventures and non-profit organizations.

Evelina Atanasova – The IT specialist, the technical person in the team with experience which  includes 6 years in IT, related to enterprise application development and implementation.  And highly experienced in business intelligence and/or relational database design.

Ivan Manolov – The designer, a problem solver by default, also a designer working with start-ups and established companies primarily in US. He believes design as discipline is the perfect narrative to explore his cravings for perfection and ease of use.

What is EatWell?

EatWell aims to spur a revolution in the way people think about healthy eating. As a society, Evelina says, “We have solved so many problems, but one of the most basic ones remains – the way we eat. In the ever speeding world, we have less and less time to spare to eat properly”.  As a society with a common perception that healthy eating is time-consuming and tasteless, this app is looking to change that. At EatWell they are convinced that the majority of people would not choose to eat healthy just for the sake of good health, unless healthy eating is made more appealing and less time-consuming than the unhealthy alternatives.

Their goal is to improve people’s health and lifestyle by enabling them to eat healthy, with minimum effort and cost
EatWell generates tailor-made regimes and each meal comes with the easiest and fastest way to prepare it, and in future, the option to order it. EatWell takes seconds to set-up and it is designed to be there when you need it, without requiring your constant engagement. All this for absolutely free.

The Inspiration.

This is essentially Pavel’s brain child. According to him, While juggling between university and work on one hand and sports on the other, he constantly found himself lacking time to eat well and in line with his ever-changing nutritional needs.
Later it dawned on him that deciding what to eat, according to both desires and goals, was as time-consuming as the process of preparing the food.

Of Hurdles and Competition

Whilst of building a company from scratch it is all but common to have plenty of setbacks but being a very confident trio they say, they are ready for any challenge that comes their way.
According to Evelina, The IT head, the biggest setbacks they’ve faced so far were related to the development process of their prototype, but they have learned some lessons and improved their process and are ready for the next development milestone.
And also, they foresee a potential challenge in managing partners for their delivery module.
In this current scenario they are in design stage of a powerful back-end for this module and they expect that it will support them and their partners’ operation in the best possible way.

In regard to their competition,

It mainly includes fitness, weight loss and nutrition apps. These aforementioned apps focus on improving people’s lifestyle by addressing a problem, which, if eliminated, will improve user’s lifestyle and even health.
Evelina, says that  “What we have found about our competitors is that they are too engaging for the audience and/or they are expensive to use and with EatWell we will change that.”

Monetizing plans.

They are planning to monetize from their delivery service, as well as, an attractive premium version that will include additional features.

Target Audience and Future plans.

They have plans of global expansion, as according to them the entire world can use some healthy eating.

This app is primarily targeting people who are concerned about their health and diet, as well as, the quality of the nutrition that they have access to. They are launching in English and Bulgarian languages and their recipes are for quick and easy, common and widely popular meals, therefore they will target Bulgaria and the English-speaking countries of Europe and North America, at first. Then a global expansion is imminent.
We wish them all the best with this and their future endeavors.


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