‘MyInformationVault’ entrusts Your Family Details

Our family are our guardian angels on earth! However, the current lifestyle has scattered the family members apart. So far, we had technologies to connect with friends and business but MyInformationVault is here to keep you updated on your family events.

MyInformationVault abets in keeping you and your family in mind with the inevitable life events. Even though you are far, be a part of the family.

Navin Lalwani, Founder & Managing Director of MyInformationVault plays the key role in leading the company’s vision, technology, and product strategy. MyInformationVault is evolved out of Navin’s real life experiences. His father’s sudden demise created a crisis in the entire family. The lack of information on the family financials and important documents had further added to the hardship.

“We are still not sure if we have successfully tracked down all his investments and financials. After further research and analysis, I was amazed to find out about the amount of money/ assets/ insurance policies etc. that are left unclaimed in similar situations which is primarily due to lack of awareness within families across the world”.

It solves a long-standing problem with cutting edge technology (cloud based, secure online platform) to manage your information even when you are not around. Privacy and Security being the integral part of our systems we help you secure, store and transfer critical information/ documents to those who need it the most.”The Ultimate Solution for Today and Tomorrow.” stated the users.


MyInformationVault is not just an app or a website; the technology helps families in difficult times. It ensures that the family members or dependents are aware of the fiscals and assets left by the deceased. One of the biggest problems that MyInformationVault solves is that in the unfortunate event of losing a loved one, the information reaches to his/her selected information recipients at the right time.

Data integrity and privacy plays a very important role for MyInformationVault. Hence, it was challenging to decide on the best technology platform.

MyInformationVault had a grand launch last month. It has already been accosted by hundreds of early sign up requests and more than thousands of likes on social media.

MyInformationVault is for people of any age group who want to secure his/her data and pass it on to their loved one in the unfortunate event of a sudden death. The service is currently available in the USA only with plans to roll out to India in the next quarter.

To get started, invite your friends and family to MyInformationVault. Once three of your friends have completed the sign up process, your account will receive a year’s free subscription.To know more, give a visit to: https://www.myinformationvault.com/



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