Daily Ninja – An app for delivering the foods you use daily

Wouldn’t it be so convenient to subscribe to things you need daily – like eggs, milk, curd, the newspaper, or bread – and have them all delivered to your door every morning?  Daily Ninja is an app which is designed for exactly that, and you can amend your subscriptions whenever you need to as well.  It even comes with an advanced calendar mapping tool to track all of your subscriptions and better coordinate them.  Although online grocery delivery services already exist in India (such as BigBasket and Local Banya), there is no comparable service to Daily Ninja, insofar as daily scheduled deliveries via an app.

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Founders Sagar Yarnalkar and Anurag Gupta are batchmates from BITS Goa; Sagar is the co-founder of Scoot and FurnishMeUp.com and team lead for mobile development at Carwale.com, whilst Anurag is a former Goldman Sachs analyst, co-founder of FurnishMeUp.com, and software developer at Sabre Holdings.  The duo arrived at the idea for Daily Ninja when visiting a friend’s flat, who had recently shifted in. That friend told them of his travails of having to ask the neighbours for the milkman’s number, unsuccessfully trying to call him, and having wake up at six one morning just to arrange for his milk to be delivered. Seeing this, they felt that using technology, they could help people out by simply making this process much more efficient and customer friendly. No more searching for suppliers, no more calling up for cancellations or changes to your daily order. Now do it all through a simple app. The biggest challenges were convincing vendors to go along with them, and handing the operations in the beginning. Many of the customer orders have been delivered by Anurag himself. Also, building a product from scratch is not easy – there were many iterations and discussions, but the app was built in a month’s time.

With Daily Ninja, your milk will actually come in packets, not like this.  But it eliminates the need to hunt this guy down in order to have your milk delivered in the morning.
With Daily Ninja, your milk will actually come in packets, not like this. But it eliminates the need to hunt this guy down in order to have your milk delivered in the morning.

The problem that Daily Ninja is solving lies in the unorganised and untapped market of daily subscriptions to fresh and perishable items like milk, curd, bread, and eggs.  They intend to provide customers an easy way to subscribe to those items with, capabilities such as amendments when needed, keeping track of bills, and so on. And for the vendor, it’s an easy way to expand his business by up-selling and cross-selling which Daily Ninja enables. Daily Ninja is a one of a kind service in India, pioneering effort in this domain. It’s technology driven and comes with a user-friendly interface, providing a win-win solution to both the customers and the vendors. Each and every individual who consumes milk, eggs, bread, curd (or water!) and has a smart phone is a target customer.

Local Ninja is currently focusing on building their customer base and expanding their business in all of the major metros in India. The margins the products that they sell are low, but the volumes are extremely high – so they intend to ease the pain faced by customers every morning and focus on service, thus money will eventually flow in anyway.  They’re planning to at least expand to Mumbai and Pune by the end of this year, and already deliver in Bangalore.

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